My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About....kitten "revenge"

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we are having family over, I decided to start cleaning today. I started with the back porch. The furry kids wanted to "help" and Hudson offers the WORST help of all! When I finally had enough, I decided to put him back inside. He was obviously NOT happy about this, and usually decides to knock things off the counter, or wreak havoc in other ways. I was quite surprised to come inside and see everything in its place. I walked to the front door so I could sweep the walkway, and Hudson decided to strut his stuff down the walk and under Todd's car! He made sure to walk fast enough that he was JUST out of reach, but slow enough for me to see his plan/purpose! He is SUCH an ass sometimes! Poor Todd is home from work sick, and heard me yell at the kitten, he came running (as fast as a sick man can) to the front door to help!

After I got Hudson safely inside, muttered some threats and finished laughing about this crazy cat...I decided to put a leash on him and let him play in the leaves while I swept. In hindsight, this was probably a VERY BAD idea! Now Hudson will think it's ok to go out front when ever he pleases. This kitten in one of the many reasons I don't want to have children....although a toddler may be easier to handle vs a bottle raised kitten. Go figure!!

Hudson during a "Feline Crack Fit"

Hudson "helping" us unpack furniture with Styrofoam...