My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hudson's First Radiographs!

I swear, having Hudson is like having a toddler...except I am not expected to dress him up and take him out in public! Hudson is at least VERY litterbox trained, and will hold any BM or urine until he has a box. He just gets into EVERYTHING! Todd and I just bought "child" safety locks for our new standing pantry to keep the kitten out! I caught Hudson one day, running across the room and body slamming into the cabinet trying to open the doors! I had to take him into work a few weeks ago for abdominal radiographs because he "discovered" the thumbtacks on my bulletin board and was worried he ate one! Thankfully he didn't, I decided to post his radiograph :)

This Monday I had to take Huddy into work because in the middle of the night he got on top of our fridge and ate some chocolate chip cookies and the head off a sugar cookie man! I took him to work to observe him, and we noticed some pretty bad diarrhea. Now, that can be due to an overgrowth of certain bacterias in his GI system, or dietary do we find out which, spend $92.50 on a Fecal Culture and get the results in a week! It really could be either, this has been an off and on occurrence with Huddy (the diarrhea...the counter surfing is constant!). The other night I made some Hot Chocolate, I used a package of regular hot chocolate, a package of dark chocolate, milk and Kahlua...I turned my back for a minute, and Hudson was lapping up my drink! I sometimes think he is suicidal! In addition to Hudson having issues and adding to my Vet Bill, my other "problem child' Cole (a lab mix) may have yet ANOTHER rare and interesting disease...Hypoparathyroidism! So, I will be at my current job forever paying off my bill!

Hudson's 1st lateral abdominal radiograph

Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Hudson post!

Oh this cat! I feed my kitties a canned food diet, and last week we ran out of canned food. So we have been feeding dry until the cans come in from Amazon. Considering how much Hudson "counter surfs", I figured he has a iron stomach...NOPE! This dry food has given him diarrhea, and BOY IS IT GROSS! Today I remembered that I have Forti-Flora, a probiotic that Purina makes that is actually good (surprising for Purina). Since Hudson had already eaten, I figured it was worth trying to see if he would eat the supplement powder right out of a bowl. Since it is flavored, I didn't think it would be an issue. I was right! After a few sneezes while he got used to licking the powder, he scarfed it down! One of the female kitties, Emily, wanted to lick the bowl when he was a "fight" started! This cat provides endless entertainment for us!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hudson's "Wifey" and cute cat videos!

Let me start off my is NEVER a dull moment with Hudson around!

A few weeks ago, Todd and I were going through some boxes (maybe one day we will finish unpacking...) and found a bunch of stuffed animals. One of them was a stuffed promotional cat for Revolution, a topical flea control, heartworm preventative and general dewormer for cats (on a side note, it is a VERY safe and effective product...and EVERY cat, even indoor only cats, should be on it). We put the cat on our guest bed, thinking it was real cute and why not keep it, but kept noticing the cat in our room or down the hall. We wondered how it was getting there since the dogs are not able to get on the bed, let alone access the room, until one morning I "caught" Hudson attacking the cat! I really didn't think much of it, snapped a picture and went back to paying bills. A few days later the cat was off the bed again, and we realized how much Hudson liked the toy. I even threw "her" down the stairs, and he tore off after, rolling down and attacking her all the way to the bottom! Later that day, Hudson was laying on top of the dog crate, so I put the cat next to him and he grabbed on to her! From one angle it looked like he was making out with her, when in reality he had his arms wrapped around her neck and was gnawing on her face! That's when the "Wifey" joke started. It has escalated from there as only Todd and I can do...we have decided to get him a "Wife beater" tank top, and decorate a cardboard box with tin foil to make him a trailer, then litter the front of it with empty PBR cans (we have to find someone who drinks it first!). We live in South Carolina, so this won't look odd at all!

Our first picture of Hudson and Wifey

One morning before work

He does NOT play nice!

Then this morning Hudson discovered an Orange I had left on the table, and decided to knock it down and play "soccer". Todd and I were snuggled up on the couch, watching special features on the 5th Harry Potter movie, when the "Orange Incident" occurred. Todd managed to get video!

Sorry for the bad quality!

And since I am uploading cute kitty videos, here are a few more that I love!

 I really wish Hudson played as nice as the first kitty does! The second one makes me laugh SO hard, and I would love to wrap any of my cats like in the last video...but if I even attempted, I could never blog again!

One last video...this one is for an awesome product called Feliway. I have used it with success with my personal cats, and with ferals at a spay/neuter clinic where I used to work. I found this video a few days ago, and LOVE it! Cat behavior is something I am quite interested in, and can say this stuff helps!