My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Hudson post!

Oh this cat! I feed my kitties a canned food diet, and last week we ran out of canned food. So we have been feeding dry until the cans come in from Amazon. Considering how much Hudson "counter surfs", I figured he has a iron stomach...NOPE! This dry food has given him diarrhea, and BOY IS IT GROSS! Today I remembered that I have Forti-Flora, a probiotic that Purina makes that is actually good (surprising for Purina). Since Hudson had already eaten, I figured it was worth trying to see if he would eat the supplement powder right out of a bowl. Since it is flavored, I didn't think it would be an issue. I was right! After a few sneezes while he got used to licking the powder, he scarfed it down! One of the female kitties, Emily, wanted to lick the bowl when he was a "fight" started! This cat provides endless entertainment for us!


  1. what food do you use? I've wanted to make my own like The Natural Cat, but being great about the mix isn't as easy as I would like. I'd love to know what kind you like and believe in. Hudson is going to have a huge fan base here in Ohio! My cats will thank him for his eating help--they are soooo picky. Thanks Hudson! Now just don't wreck the tree! Kate, have you watched the Christmas Simon's Cat video on Youtube? Could be Hudson's cartoon cousin! Have a fun Holiday!

  2. I will have to look for that video...I love cat related videos! I LOVE that book by the way, I have read it several times and reference back frequently!

    Good to know Hudson will have fans, however he must never will add fuel to the fire! I need to get video of his newest antic...attacking Todd's pug when he wears a jacket (the pug, not Hudson...I can't imagine that cat in clothes!!)

    I am "bad", I break all the "rule" of conventional feline feeding!

    I feed a almost strict canned diet, my older kitty (17 years) does eat a dry kidney prescription diet WITH her high quality (not prescription) canned.

    I also would love to feed my cats raw, they are carnivores after all...but I haven't gotten into the good habit.

    I also alternate brands/proteins in their diets.

    Lastly, I order from

    We have several good natural pet food/product stores in the Summerville area. I love the foods they carry, and the knowledge they have...but simply cannot afford their mark up. Here is a link for one of the stores (the other doesn't have a website!)

    I do order other brands then listed here, but I make sure there is no UNNAMED by-products (by-products are parts of an animal that cats WOULD eat, but if it says "meat" or "poultry" it really could be ANYTHING). That being said, the by-products should NOT be the first ingredient listed.

    I usually also get a grain free diet, or at last one lacking Corn, Wheat and Soy. The newest argument from Veterinarians is that Corn/Wheat/Soy are easily digestible proteins with lots of nutrition. However, since cats are CARNIVORES, they lack specific enzymes to break down plant protein, so the protein to be that digestible must be broken down considerably, but if you just fed them MEAT, there is no issue there.

    Cats are also not only carnivores, but OBLIGATE carnivores. Cats are unable to syntheses Taruine, and essential Amino Acid. Muscle meat is full of Taruine, and with out it cats can suffer from blindness, heart problems and become very sickly.

    One day, I hope to feed my cats a raw diet. Alternating muscle and organ meat. Same with my dogs. Money is just too tight right now, and I don't have enough freezer space.

    Until then, I feed as high quality of canned food possible And alternate either every time I buy, or every other. I haven't seen GI issues (vomiting/diarrhea) in my cats for changing foods "cold turkey", and Hudson's frequent GI upset is due to his "counter surfing" habits.

    I really need to stop being lazy and post a Nutrition really is one of my favorite subjects :)

    Have a good Holiday!