My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday Surprises...

Okay...this is written two days late, but I had a BUSY weekend!

Saturday morning I was running late for work. Todd and I stayed up until 1am watching Fringe at 9, then two or three (oh okay it was...FOUR) episodes of Spartacus! So Todd said he would feed the animals so I could make coffee and grab a quick breakfast. Cole had pooped in his crate, so The Amazing Todd said he would clean it for me, therefore Hudson had to be feed in the downstairs bathroom. Because Hudson and Emily are fat food whores (well, maybe not fat), we have to feed Fluff separate.

Todd apparently fed Fluff in the guest room upstairs, and kept her company while she ate. He told me that when she finished and he went downstairs, he noticed the bathroom door was open and heard something in the kitchen. Apparently the door wasn't closed all the way to the bathroom, and Hudson let him self out. Todd didn't put Fluff's food bag up because he thought it was safe on the counter! Hudson has knocked it down, "gutted" the bag, and was sharing with Cole! Cole was laying on the kitchen floor, with the bag between his legs and both him and Huddy were snacking! I wish Todd could have gotten a picture of it :)
So I did the "next best thing" and took a picture of Hudson's handy work!
Hudson's Damage

I feel as though I must point out...I am NOT a fan of prescription diets in general. Fluff is 17 years old, she started showing signs of Renal Insufficiency 1 1/2 years ago. I thought long and hard about placing her on a prescription diet, and have decided that the kidney issues would end her life before the less than ideal food might. I am not pleased with the quality of ingredients in the prescription foods, but Royal Canin produces a better quality than Purina or Hill's. I still wouldn't feel Royal Canin's non-rx line, but in the case of my 17 year old cat, what the hell!

A close up

And yes, Fluff is 17 YEARS old :)
I remember the day I adopted her. We were living in Dover Delaware, I was 6 years old and my Dad picked me up from school. We went to the local SPCA to get a kitten. We had a black kitten Fritz who only liked me, and went missing. My Dad felt so bad, he wanted to get me another cat. I found Fluff and her litter-mate in a crate, two grey kitties. I wanted both, but Dad said no. So I picked one up and said she was mine. She spent the car ride home curled up at my feet. Once we got in the house, she saw my Mom's cat Elmer and fluffed I named her as any logical thinking 6 year old would, Fluffy! She was 3 months old :)
Fluff moved from Dover Delaware with us down here to South Carolina, and I hope she is around when Todd and I move to Asheville in a few years!

Don't let her age fool you though...Fluff is a spry little devil! She loves to chase her tail, or run though the house in a "feline crack fit". Sometimes we even catch her playing with Hudson's toys...he however doesn't think it's as funny, and chases her off!
She was stalking the ball, please ignore Todd's shoes!
I wanted to write this blog Saturday, but I had boarders this weekend. That meant I had to stop by the clinic Saturday evening to feed/medicate everyone and 3 times Sunday. So between that, laundry, studying, a yoga class, sleep and SPARTACUS, I had little time for the internet world!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plastic Bags...

I have given up on studying for the night. Today was a long day, and Hudson isn't helping! He is quite hyper, and decided to play in the plastic bag from Target! I had to take a quick picture before the bag made it to the recycling bin!
Ignore the mess behind him! The guest bed doubles as a "catch all"!
Kinda blurry...and yes, those are VW Bug pillows!
Time to get Hudson out of whatever trouble he is causing downstairs, and snuggle up in bed. He is quite the cuddlier! I wake up to a kitten curled up on my face, purring and sometimes licking (my face...). It's kind of nice, in a weird "Hudson way".

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Laundry Day

If Hudson was a toddler, he would be in BOTH the "do everything Mom is doing" stage, and "MINE"!

Today is laundry day, which means Hudson is hyper and trying to "help" me. He LOVES to run around making weird chirping noises, then dive bomb into the laundry basket and sometimes will run off with a "treasure"!
Such a sweet, but deceiving face!
Our handsome man, playing with Todd's sock!
Hudson isn't the only one who enjoys laundry day! Cole has taken a liking to sleeping in the laundry baskets when I am too lazy to put them away.
Cole in his new favorite napping spot.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Feline Death from Above!

Hudson is obsessed with going on our back porch. Thankfully the little yard we have is fenced in. His new tactic is to climb on top of our cabinet in the kitchen and try to walk across the trim on the french doors. It's slightly reminiscent of a tight rope walker! If the door is open, he of course walks along the top of it!

I decided to try and get a few pictures! They are blurry, eventually one day I will get a new camera!

It is SO hard to get a picture of this cat being STILL!
Look at his level on concentration!
He likes to roll around up there! I'm waiting on him to fall!
I LOVE this one, he grabbed my phone and pulled it close!
Same...he wanted to control the picture!

What a crazy cat!

The rest of the "kids" are getting left out though, I will have to post pictures of them before they revolt! Cole (my lab mix) has taken to sleeping in the little laundry basket!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Huddy's kitten pictures!

I am still trying to figure out what happened; Hudson used to be such a sweet kitten! I damaged my hard drive a few months back, and lost a lot of pictures. Thankfully I still have the pictures of Hudson and his siblings (Zoey and Wilson) from when I first got them.

I started working at my current clinic at the beginning of March 2010. The first week in April one of our receptionist's took a phone call from a client who found 5 kittens, the mother was hit by a car. She told the client to bring the kittens in and we would foster them. I was the only one with experience in hand raising neonatal kittens, so I offered to help. We split the kittens between three of us. I took the two that weren't "claimed" home, and ended up naming them Zoey and Wilson. A few days later the client called back, they had found three more kittens. This time I called "dibs" on the grey one. Todd had always wanted a grey kitten, I had NO idea what I was signing up for! After being at the clinic for 5 minutes, they grey kitten started SCREAMING!

Ever since he was a kitten, Hudson was food motivated and obnoxious! My kittens ended up being much larger than their littermates. Due to constipation issues, I ended up making my own kitten formula. I found a great recipe in a natural health care book for cats and dogs, formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. It just goes to show how much of a difference good nutrition makes! When bottle feeding, once Hudson finished the bottle, he would continue to suckle on the nipple, trying to get more food out! The suction was so strong, I could actually suspend him from the bottle!! When it came to litter box training, Hudson excelled, and will still "hold it" until he has a litter box. He was also the biggest pain in the ass when it came to weaning! I have hand raised plenty of kittens and squirrels, and never encountered so much trouble!

Towards the end of April, we took a trip down to Tybee Island. My cousin is a SCAD student (Savannah School of Art and Design) and there was a big student show going one. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Buffalo NY to visit their son,  so Todd and I went down with my dad and brother to see every one. We stayed for a 4 day weekend. The kittens came with us to the beach house. They had fun...I think. The first night they were passed around so much, Wilson vomited all over Hudson at 11 pm! I was in panic mom mode and was ready to take them to an emergency vet!

We don't have many pictures of Zoey, since she is so dark colored! Hudson and Wilson took good pictures though!

Well anyways, I should probably be studying, not here are some cute kitten pictures! I will have to post some more later!

The day I brought Wilson and Zoey home

I made Wilson wear a sock when it was time to potty, he was difficult to stimulate
Hudson fell asleep on Todd during the drive to Tybee

An embarrassing picture of the Hud Man getting stimulated to Potty, my Aunt was doing the "honors"
Look at those stripes!
We made Wilson wear a hat from the most amazing Mexican Restaurant ever!

Zoey crashed on me one night, I love how she is sleeping!

Wilson after a bath

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Title Change/Hudsons 3rd radiograph

I realized that this blog has been taken over by Hudson and his antics....therefore, I changed the entire thing for HIM!

Hudson has one upped him self this time...but first there is some back story that must be told.

I am addicted to Burt's Bee's Chapstick. Hudson cannot stand said chapstick goes missing quite often. I had counted 4 missing total, and was getting tired of buy new chapstick ever week (it's expensive!). Yesterday I found THREE almost brand new things of chapstick behind my bookshelf! I was so happy! Last night I realized a head of garlic was missing from the kitchen windowsill above the sink. Todd and I searched all over the house, only to find that the garlic head was IN THE SINK just waiting to be pulverized by the garbage disposal. I had to throw away the garlic head because it was all soggy and nasty! We decided it was retaliation for me finding the stash of chapstick!

This morning Huddy was upset that I was studying, and he received no he started to knock things off of Todd's desk. This is pretty normal for him, so I just ignored it. Closer to noon, I decided it was time to shower. As I was getting dressed, I went to put on my bra, and realized that one of the straps was missing! If it wasn't for the fact that Hudson had vomited a foreign body last week, I would never has suspected him of eating it! I tore through the house again, and this time moved the bra strap. This is a good time to mention, this was my FAVORITE Victoria's Secret Bra, which they don't make anymore!

I decided to take Hudson up to work with me, at the very least we could observe for abnormal behavior. Once I explained to everyone why he was there (again!) and we all laughed (I even brought the bra to show what he had done), Dr Graham palpated him. Of course, he had to make jokes this whole time. While he was palpating I heard "I think I feel a cup in there". We decided to start with a lateral radiograph, since the strap included the plastic piece to adjust the length. The tech helping (Lusie, one of the amazing LVT's I work with) and I were talking while waiting on the image to appear, then all of a sudden we both yelled "OH MY GOD!" as a bright radio-opaque object the shape of a bra adjusting thingy (like my technical term...) appeared in his stomach! Lusie ran off with Huddy to grab Dr Graham and show off the x-ray...I laughed, then started to cry.

Soon, the x-ray room was full of people looking at the radiograph, laughing, hugging me and trying to figure out what to do. I asked Dr Graham if it was too late to induce vomiting, well tried to ask...he was making more jokes   "Don't worry Kate, soon this will be a bad mammary"  "Your kitten is a boob"   "How titillating"  etc. Lusie was asking what we should give to induce vomiting, perhaps hydrogen peroxide? I told her I refused, attempting that last Friday ended up with more peroxide in my eye than in the cat! We decided on giving an injection of Domitor, which is a sedative that induces vomiting in cats. The only problem was if the strap wasn't chewed up, it had the potential to hook somewhere and cause soft tissue damage, or not come up at all. Since the options were induce vomiting, or exploratory surgery...we opted for vomiting first.

Samantha (another wonderful LVT) and I gave Huddy the injection, and watched very carefully. With in 10 minutes, Hudson had vomited! Thankfully he brought up bit of bra strap! To compare the length, we cut the other strap off my bra and sure enough, it looked like it was all there! After that, my bra was passed all around, and everyone (except Graham) commented on how nice it was or how it could be saved. Good thing I have no shame huh?! I decided that next time, if it's pair of underwear...he can suffer in silence because I don't want one of my thongs passed around work :)

So now, Todd and I have to figure out how to "Hudson proof" our house even more! I joked about making him wear a basket muzzle and calling him could work!

He is very lucky I love him, this cat is crazy!

Hudson's 3rd radiograph!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A cute picture that SCREAMS Hudson!

We had a cat that came in today for an exploratory surgery, she has had intermittent vomiting since Christmas. After discussing a Barium series (a series of x-rays after giving a radio-opaque liquid, to look for obstructions) the owner opted for exploratory surgery w/o radiographs. They figured if exploratory surgery was inevitable, we might as well start with that! We found a chewed up piece of the plastic ring from a soda can six pack in the kitties stomach! We got the owners permission to post a picture of their cat and the foreign body on our Facebook page. I just posted this picture as a good warning, just because it's cute, doesn't mean it's safe!
Plastic removed from a cat's stomach!   
Friday this kitty came in, and one of our techs guessed right from the history. How fitting that Friday afternoon Hudson vomited his foreign body BEFORE it caused a problem!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hudson's Second Radiographs!

Yesterday was a typical Friday at work, I say that because even though I only work until 2pm on Fridays...I stayed until 4pm. I am actually lucky to have left by 4, some days I end up staying all day. I am glad I got home when I did though.

No sooner did I get home, I had to pee, that's when Hudson walked into the bathroom and laid down in front of me. That is not abnormal, he likes the toilet...but Emily came over, laid in front of him, sniffed his face and just seemed too sweet towards him (ABNORMAL!). All of a sudden, Hudson started heaving, and vomited up a large mass of food, some tan looking thing (I thought tapeworm) and what looked to be fur. I ran upstairs (pulling my pants up along the way, not sure how I didn't fall!) to get some gloves on. It looked like a Giant Tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium Latum) which both a foster kitten and Cole have had, entangled with fur. I then realized it was a flat elastic band covered with green fabric, like a drawstring.

In a panic, I called up to work. One of the vets said to give him 2 - 3mL's of hydrogen peroxide by mouth and wait about 15 - 20 minutes for vomiting to occur. That did NOT go well, I think I got more peroxide in my eye than Huddy ingested! I finally got some peroxide in him, and he vomited foam a few times. I was still worried. I called Todd crying, and he said to just take Huddy to work since I was so worried. I text the vet, and grabbed my kitty, the vomited thing and hauled ass to work! Once I got there, everyone came running over to see what Hudson had eaten. Todd and I still had NO idea what he had gotten a hold of. The vet palpated Hudson's abdomen and felt gas (most likely due to the over growth of Clostridium we found on his fecal culture), just to be safe we took two radiographs. Everything looked normal on x-ray, so he did vomit up all of the elastic/fabric.

Todd and I were still racking our brains trying to figure out what Hudson ate. We called my Mom, who is over a lot, and Todd's friend that was in town over the New Year Weekend. Neither of them are missing anything that matches the description. Last night, in a dream, I realized what he ate. Last week, I picked my eye mask off the floor (Hudson and Emily like to play with it) and saw that the GREEN COVERED ELASTIC BAND was missing. I didn't think much about it, showed it to Todd...we cursed out the cats and bought a new one that night! I woke up at 2 am, all excited that I finally figured it out, then fell back asleep!

Thankfully when I bought my new eye mask, the company had changed the band part. It is now a thicker elastic band that is adjustable. When I bought it, I wasn't happy, but knowing that Hudson was capable of eating of it, I sure am happy now!!

I still cannot believe he did that! Like Todd and Dr Chavis have told me...I knew this would happen! I am just so glad he was able to vomit it all up! We are all very lucky! You would think after all of that, Hudson would have learned something, but no. He is currently locked in the dog's crate because I was putting everything in the crock pot for dinner! We start him on Amoxicillin for the bacterial overgrowth in his intestines today, hopefully he likes the taste, because after trying the peroxide yesterday...I am worried I may not live to tell another Huddy tale!

 Not so nice picture (Hudson's vomit with fabric/elastic thing
EWW! Such a scary thing to witness

Hudson's VD (ventral dorsal) radiograph

Hudson's Right Lateral radiograph

Beautiful, Sweet Emily "helping" me blog!
Hudson locked up while I was blogging and cooking!