My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A cute picture that SCREAMS Hudson!

We had a cat that came in today for an exploratory surgery, she has had intermittent vomiting since Christmas. After discussing a Barium series (a series of x-rays after giving a radio-opaque liquid, to look for obstructions) the owner opted for exploratory surgery w/o radiographs. They figured if exploratory surgery was inevitable, we might as well start with that! We found a chewed up piece of the plastic ring from a soda can six pack in the kitties stomach! We got the owners permission to post a picture of their cat and the foreign body on our Facebook page. I just posted this picture as a good warning, just because it's cute, doesn't mean it's safe!
Plastic removed from a cat's stomach!   
Friday this kitty came in, and one of our techs guessed right from the history. How fitting that Friday afternoon Hudson vomited his foreign body BEFORE it caused a problem!

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