My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, January 17, 2011

Feline Death from Above!

Hudson is obsessed with going on our back porch. Thankfully the little yard we have is fenced in. His new tactic is to climb on top of our cabinet in the kitchen and try to walk across the trim on the french doors. It's slightly reminiscent of a tight rope walker! If the door is open, he of course walks along the top of it!

I decided to try and get a few pictures! They are blurry, eventually one day I will get a new camera!

It is SO hard to get a picture of this cat being STILL!
Look at his level on concentration!
He likes to roll around up there! I'm waiting on him to fall!
I LOVE this one, he grabbed my phone and pulled it close!
Same...he wanted to control the picture!

What a crazy cat!

The rest of the "kids" are getting left out though, I will have to post pictures of them before they revolt! Cole (my lab mix) has taken to sleeping in the little laundry basket!

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  1. this cat is readly for you to get a video camera, too. He's just waiting to show off in "reel" time...these are awesome pics!