My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, January 14, 2011

Huddy's kitten pictures!

I am still trying to figure out what happened; Hudson used to be such a sweet kitten! I damaged my hard drive a few months back, and lost a lot of pictures. Thankfully I still have the pictures of Hudson and his siblings (Zoey and Wilson) from when I first got them.

I started working at my current clinic at the beginning of March 2010. The first week in April one of our receptionist's took a phone call from a client who found 5 kittens, the mother was hit by a car. She told the client to bring the kittens in and we would foster them. I was the only one with experience in hand raising neonatal kittens, so I offered to help. We split the kittens between three of us. I took the two that weren't "claimed" home, and ended up naming them Zoey and Wilson. A few days later the client called back, they had found three more kittens. This time I called "dibs" on the grey one. Todd had always wanted a grey kitten, I had NO idea what I was signing up for! After being at the clinic for 5 minutes, they grey kitten started SCREAMING!

Ever since he was a kitten, Hudson was food motivated and obnoxious! My kittens ended up being much larger than their littermates. Due to constipation issues, I ended up making my own kitten formula. I found a great recipe in a natural health care book for cats and dogs, formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. It just goes to show how much of a difference good nutrition makes! When bottle feeding, once Hudson finished the bottle, he would continue to suckle on the nipple, trying to get more food out! The suction was so strong, I could actually suspend him from the bottle!! When it came to litter box training, Hudson excelled, and will still "hold it" until he has a litter box. He was also the biggest pain in the ass when it came to weaning! I have hand raised plenty of kittens and squirrels, and never encountered so much trouble!

Towards the end of April, we took a trip down to Tybee Island. My cousin is a SCAD student (Savannah School of Art and Design) and there was a big student show going one. My Aunt and Uncle came down from Buffalo NY to visit their son,  so Todd and I went down with my dad and brother to see every one. We stayed for a 4 day weekend. The kittens came with us to the beach house. They had fun...I think. The first night they were passed around so much, Wilson vomited all over Hudson at 11 pm! I was in panic mom mode and was ready to take them to an emergency vet!

We don't have many pictures of Zoey, since she is so dark colored! Hudson and Wilson took good pictures though!

Well anyways, I should probably be studying, not here are some cute kitten pictures! I will have to post some more later!

The day I brought Wilson and Zoey home

I made Wilson wear a sock when it was time to potty, he was difficult to stimulate
Hudson fell asleep on Todd during the drive to Tybee

An embarrassing picture of the Hud Man getting stimulated to Potty, my Aunt was doing the "honors"
Look at those stripes!
We made Wilson wear a hat from the most amazing Mexican Restaurant ever!

Zoey crashed on me one night, I love how she is sleeping!

Wilson after a bath

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