My philosphy

My philosphy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hudson's Second Radiographs!

Yesterday was a typical Friday at work, I say that because even though I only work until 2pm on Fridays...I stayed until 4pm. I am actually lucky to have left by 4, some days I end up staying all day. I am glad I got home when I did though.

No sooner did I get home, I had to pee, that's when Hudson walked into the bathroom and laid down in front of me. That is not abnormal, he likes the toilet...but Emily came over, laid in front of him, sniffed his face and just seemed too sweet towards him (ABNORMAL!). All of a sudden, Hudson started heaving, and vomited up a large mass of food, some tan looking thing (I thought tapeworm) and what looked to be fur. I ran upstairs (pulling my pants up along the way, not sure how I didn't fall!) to get some gloves on. It looked like a Giant Tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium Latum) which both a foster kitten and Cole have had, entangled with fur. I then realized it was a flat elastic band covered with green fabric, like a drawstring.

In a panic, I called up to work. One of the vets said to give him 2 - 3mL's of hydrogen peroxide by mouth and wait about 15 - 20 minutes for vomiting to occur. That did NOT go well, I think I got more peroxide in my eye than Huddy ingested! I finally got some peroxide in him, and he vomited foam a few times. I was still worried. I called Todd crying, and he said to just take Huddy to work since I was so worried. I text the vet, and grabbed my kitty, the vomited thing and hauled ass to work! Once I got there, everyone came running over to see what Hudson had eaten. Todd and I still had NO idea what he had gotten a hold of. The vet palpated Hudson's abdomen and felt gas (most likely due to the over growth of Clostridium we found on his fecal culture), just to be safe we took two radiographs. Everything looked normal on x-ray, so he did vomit up all of the elastic/fabric.

Todd and I were still racking our brains trying to figure out what Hudson ate. We called my Mom, who is over a lot, and Todd's friend that was in town over the New Year Weekend. Neither of them are missing anything that matches the description. Last night, in a dream, I realized what he ate. Last week, I picked my eye mask off the floor (Hudson and Emily like to play with it) and saw that the GREEN COVERED ELASTIC BAND was missing. I didn't think much about it, showed it to Todd...we cursed out the cats and bought a new one that night! I woke up at 2 am, all excited that I finally figured it out, then fell back asleep!

Thankfully when I bought my new eye mask, the company had changed the band part. It is now a thicker elastic band that is adjustable. When I bought it, I wasn't happy, but knowing that Hudson was capable of eating of it, I sure am happy now!!

I still cannot believe he did that! Like Todd and Dr Chavis have told me...I knew this would happen! I am just so glad he was able to vomit it all up! We are all very lucky! You would think after all of that, Hudson would have learned something, but no. He is currently locked in the dog's crate because I was putting everything in the crock pot for dinner! We start him on Amoxicillin for the bacterial overgrowth in his intestines today, hopefully he likes the taste, because after trying the peroxide yesterday...I am worried I may not live to tell another Huddy tale!

 Not so nice picture (Hudson's vomit with fabric/elastic thing
EWW! Such a scary thing to witness

Hudson's VD (ventral dorsal) radiograph

Hudson's Right Lateral radiograph

Beautiful, Sweet Emily "helping" me blog!
Hudson locked up while I was blogging and cooking!

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  1. that cat!!!! O my - I am laughing so hard right now!
    Hang in there, cats are tough, and Hudson is more than a cat - way more. give him a treat for us when he's allowed again, oh my are a star little man.