My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday Surprises...

Okay...this is written two days late, but I had a BUSY weekend!

Saturday morning I was running late for work. Todd and I stayed up until 1am watching Fringe at 9, then two or three (oh okay it was...FOUR) episodes of Spartacus! So Todd said he would feed the animals so I could make coffee and grab a quick breakfast. Cole had pooped in his crate, so The Amazing Todd said he would clean it for me, therefore Hudson had to be feed in the downstairs bathroom. Because Hudson and Emily are fat food whores (well, maybe not fat), we have to feed Fluff separate.

Todd apparently fed Fluff in the guest room upstairs, and kept her company while she ate. He told me that when she finished and he went downstairs, he noticed the bathroom door was open and heard something in the kitchen. Apparently the door wasn't closed all the way to the bathroom, and Hudson let him self out. Todd didn't put Fluff's food bag up because he thought it was safe on the counter! Hudson has knocked it down, "gutted" the bag, and was sharing with Cole! Cole was laying on the kitchen floor, with the bag between his legs and both him and Huddy were snacking! I wish Todd could have gotten a picture of it :)
So I did the "next best thing" and took a picture of Hudson's handy work!
Hudson's Damage

I feel as though I must point out...I am NOT a fan of prescription diets in general. Fluff is 17 years old, she started showing signs of Renal Insufficiency 1 1/2 years ago. I thought long and hard about placing her on a prescription diet, and have decided that the kidney issues would end her life before the less than ideal food might. I am not pleased with the quality of ingredients in the prescription foods, but Royal Canin produces a better quality than Purina or Hill's. I still wouldn't feel Royal Canin's non-rx line, but in the case of my 17 year old cat, what the hell!

A close up

And yes, Fluff is 17 YEARS old :)
I remember the day I adopted her. We were living in Dover Delaware, I was 6 years old and my Dad picked me up from school. We went to the local SPCA to get a kitten. We had a black kitten Fritz who only liked me, and went missing. My Dad felt so bad, he wanted to get me another cat. I found Fluff and her litter-mate in a crate, two grey kitties. I wanted both, but Dad said no. So I picked one up and said she was mine. She spent the car ride home curled up at my feet. Once we got in the house, she saw my Mom's cat Elmer and fluffed I named her as any logical thinking 6 year old would, Fluffy! She was 3 months old :)
Fluff moved from Dover Delaware with us down here to South Carolina, and I hope she is around when Todd and I move to Asheville in a few years!

Don't let her age fool you though...Fluff is a spry little devil! She loves to chase her tail, or run though the house in a "feline crack fit". Sometimes we even catch her playing with Hudson's toys...he however doesn't think it's as funny, and chases her off!
She was stalking the ball, please ignore Todd's shoes!
I wanted to write this blog Saturday, but I had boarders this weekend. That meant I had to stop by the clinic Saturday evening to feed/medicate everyone and 3 times Sunday. So between that, laundry, studying, a yoga class, sleep and SPARTACUS, I had little time for the internet world!

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  1. 17! Holy Meow!!! that's amazing. You are one of best cat owners on the planet, Kate. I'm learning a lot and my cats are glad I found you! Have a great Tuesday, look forward to more entertainment from Hudson, his feisty feline shennanigans & the family!