My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Title Change/Hudsons 3rd radiograph

I realized that this blog has been taken over by Hudson and his antics....therefore, I changed the entire thing for HIM!

Hudson has one upped him self this time...but first there is some back story that must be told.

I am addicted to Burt's Bee's Chapstick. Hudson cannot stand said chapstick goes missing quite often. I had counted 4 missing total, and was getting tired of buy new chapstick ever week (it's expensive!). Yesterday I found THREE almost brand new things of chapstick behind my bookshelf! I was so happy! Last night I realized a head of garlic was missing from the kitchen windowsill above the sink. Todd and I searched all over the house, only to find that the garlic head was IN THE SINK just waiting to be pulverized by the garbage disposal. I had to throw away the garlic head because it was all soggy and nasty! We decided it was retaliation for me finding the stash of chapstick!

This morning Huddy was upset that I was studying, and he received no he started to knock things off of Todd's desk. This is pretty normal for him, so I just ignored it. Closer to noon, I decided it was time to shower. As I was getting dressed, I went to put on my bra, and realized that one of the straps was missing! If it wasn't for the fact that Hudson had vomited a foreign body last week, I would never has suspected him of eating it! I tore through the house again, and this time moved the bra strap. This is a good time to mention, this was my FAVORITE Victoria's Secret Bra, which they don't make anymore!

I decided to take Hudson up to work with me, at the very least we could observe for abnormal behavior. Once I explained to everyone why he was there (again!) and we all laughed (I even brought the bra to show what he had done), Dr Graham palpated him. Of course, he had to make jokes this whole time. While he was palpating I heard "I think I feel a cup in there". We decided to start with a lateral radiograph, since the strap included the plastic piece to adjust the length. The tech helping (Lusie, one of the amazing LVT's I work with) and I were talking while waiting on the image to appear, then all of a sudden we both yelled "OH MY GOD!" as a bright radio-opaque object the shape of a bra adjusting thingy (like my technical term...) appeared in his stomach! Lusie ran off with Huddy to grab Dr Graham and show off the x-ray...I laughed, then started to cry.

Soon, the x-ray room was full of people looking at the radiograph, laughing, hugging me and trying to figure out what to do. I asked Dr Graham if it was too late to induce vomiting, well tried to ask...he was making more jokes   "Don't worry Kate, soon this will be a bad mammary"  "Your kitten is a boob"   "How titillating"  etc. Lusie was asking what we should give to induce vomiting, perhaps hydrogen peroxide? I told her I refused, attempting that last Friday ended up with more peroxide in my eye than in the cat! We decided on giving an injection of Domitor, which is a sedative that induces vomiting in cats. The only problem was if the strap wasn't chewed up, it had the potential to hook somewhere and cause soft tissue damage, or not come up at all. Since the options were induce vomiting, or exploratory surgery...we opted for vomiting first.

Samantha (another wonderful LVT) and I gave Huddy the injection, and watched very carefully. With in 10 minutes, Hudson had vomited! Thankfully he brought up bit of bra strap! To compare the length, we cut the other strap off my bra and sure enough, it looked like it was all there! After that, my bra was passed all around, and everyone (except Graham) commented on how nice it was or how it could be saved. Good thing I have no shame huh?! I decided that next time, if it's pair of underwear...he can suffer in silence because I don't want one of my thongs passed around work :)

So now, Todd and I have to figure out how to "Hudson proof" our house even more! I joked about making him wear a basket muzzle and calling him could work!

He is very lucky I love him, this cat is crazy!

Hudson's 3rd radiograph!


  1. Wow! And I thought YOU were a handful as a child!

  2. OMG!! Glad to hear Hudson is okay. I vote for the little kitty muzzle. :-z

  3. I stay up late and make sure to check your blog when I get on - because: I DON'T WATCH TV! WHO NEEDS IT WITH HUDSON ON THE LOOSE!?? Oh, Kate! And you're coworkers are a hoot, too. Sorry about your favorite bra, but I have to say I was sitting here wondering if Hudson sees all these things as competition that he must destroy!!!!

  4. I really think he does! Or because it smells like me, he wants it close. That same night, he found the bra again. He was rubbing on it, and DROOLING! I walked into the room and found Hudson rolling around on the bed with the bra. I am considering putting him on a leash and harness when I am home!

    And thank you! It's nice to hear other people enjoying Hudson's stories!