My philosphy

My philosphy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Computer Cases, Wifey & Dansko's...

these are things Hudson has chewed on/tried to ingest over the weekend!

Friday night Todd and I went to the Open House for a new Veterinary Specialty Referral Practice. We thought it would be best to lock Huddy in the dog crate while we were gone. We had a wonderful time while we were out. There was free wine, good friends and a BEAUTIFUL new practice to explore. Afterward a bunch of us went to a Japanese Steak House for Sushi and beer. We got home and I collapsed into bed and feel asleep. I didn't think twice about the top to Todd's new computer case laying on the bed. About 15 minutes later I was startled awake from Todd whipping something onto the bed to scare Hudson. I started yelling all kinds of profanities and feel right back asleep. Apparently Hudson thought it would be great to chew up a wire in the computer case. Thankfully Todd said it's a sound wire and he can use the HD one instead...whatever that means! I am glad we don't have to buy another one, since our retarded kitten had to chew something!

Earlier today Hudson was REALLY REALLY HYPER! Today was just beautiful, so while Todd and I worked in the tiny back yard, the cats were able to join us. I was planting a small herb garden, while Todd was poop scooping and getting ready to cut the grass. Since our yard is SOOO small, we just borrowed my Dad's weed eater. During the loud noises, Hudson was hiding inside...not so big and tough compared to a weed eater! Dad stopped by during all the excitement, which got Hudson all kinds of crazy! He was tearing through the house and abusing wifey like never before, and Dad was encouraging it.

We locked Hudson up for a few errands we had to run, and the evening was relatively quiet until an hour ago. I came up stairs to get something and noticed Hudson was laying down by Todd's PJ pants and my Dansko's. Knowing my boy, something was being chewed on. I looked a little closer and saw that it was the sides of my Dansko's! I had actually noticed they looked oddly worn down on the sides on the top...but never noticed the tooth marks, or where the leather was peeled back! Both shoes have this on BOTH sides....he was been doing this for awhile. There was also drool all over the side of my shoes. I have been pretty good about keeping my other shoes away from him, I guess I have to hide these ones too!

Hudson stalking something... 
Please ignore the spotty, brown, dead grass...and the horrible lava rocks. This back yard is a HUGE improvement from when we first moved in, however we just haven't had the time or money to do a whole lot back there. I am starting to grow some herbs, veggies and Daises (my favorite flower), and got a bird feeder for Hudson!

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  1. That is so cool that he gets to explore! I don't think they mind too much the size - but LOVE the adventure! Posting a pic on my blog today from a while ago of one of our kitties in a tiny back yard, too! Go Spring! This will be fun for Hudson!