My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye mask #2...

There has been an absence of Hudson Blog's lately...I wish I could say that it's because he has been behaving. I just have been too busy to blog. Last Saturday I had a girls night with the ladies at work. Thankfully Hudson was behaving enough to socialize most of the night. However around 2 am I heard a real loud "WHAT does Huddy have!?" A few minutes before we heard him playing with the ice in the sink, so I wasn't too worried. I had forgotten that Hudson made the connection between the garbage disposal and FOOD. He had pulled a Lime wedge out of the sink! He was also snacking off the table several times through out the night, and was trying to sample our drinks!

Today was a busy day for me, and when I finally got home I found my 2nd eye mask had some how made it downstairs, in the middle of the living room....and someone chewed it up. It was also covered in slobber. YES SLOBBER! It was very wet and gross!

I took a picture so I could post here and on Facebook, and also send to Todd, my Dad (who is visiting family in NY) and Huddy's favorite Vet who is on early maternity leave. She BEGGED me to lock him up while I am gone, for my sanity and his safety!

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  1. The hunter's instinct - always on! Go Hudson! I think he's training you for something. . .!