My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday!

Today is Hudson's Birthday! Since my Dad has his littermates, and I am petsitting while Dad is out of town, the also got to celebrate! Hudson, being the kind and generous kitty he is, allowed me to share a can of his food...(ok, maybe I snuck it out of the house while he wasn't looking...)

Wilson and Zoey LOVED the can of food, and fought over licking the the bowls clean!

Hudson of course had something extra....HB written in toothpaste! HB=Happy Birthday!

Of course Todd and I had to record the only celebrate your first birthday once! And the fact that Huddy made it to a year with out dying, getting exploratory surgery and without US killing him, that is definitely worth celebrating!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Huddy is in the local paper!

I am pet sitting for my Dad while he is out of town, which means I get to "steal" his Sunday paper! As you may remember, a few weeks back I sent an e-mail to our local paper for the Pet Story. Today, Hudson is in our paper!

I love my kitty, am happy to share his crazy antics with whoever wants a good story! He is constantly surprising us, and everyone we talk to!

Here are a few pictures I took of him last night, the windows were open and it was storming...Huddy enjoyed sitting on the curtains and watching us fold laundry.
Trying very hard to look innocent...

I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but he moves too quick!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Future Career....Assistant Gardener!

Hudson, Todd and I had a wonderful rain filled, dirt covered 10 minutes on our porch today!

Todd and I went to World Market for a ceramic kitchen composter today and stopped by Lowes to look at plants and garden soil. I ended up buying a Strawberry plant. It started to rain while we were out, which thankfully washed away the horrible yellow pollen. Once we got home, we went outside to transplant my Yellow Squash and the newest addition, the Strawberry plant. Huddy had a blast exploring the dirt, the new plants and trying to figure out the rain. In the process of transplanting the squash, one of the stems/leaves broke off; I planned to add it to my new compost crock today but it soon went missing! Next thing I know, Hudson is running around the kitchen EATING the stem and leaves!
Part of me couldn't believe he took it...the other part is thinking my naive part is a dumbass! Hudson had fun playing with the plant, then joined me outside to explore the porch some more!
My kitchen compost crock, and my bare, tattooed hippie feet :)

Simply me...and the dirt on my forehead!

I am SO surprised with how well my plants are growing! I took some pictures about a week ago, and have been to busy to upload them. I took a "group" photo today, and the growth is just AMAZING! I have never been able to grow anything before!!
Yellow Squash

My favorite flower!








Mini Tomato

The whole family!
Sunflowers and Daisy's
Yellow Squash

Now I hope my plants continue to thrive, so I can use fresh herbs, fruits and veggies! We have started to look into raised garden beds to plant everything in...something the dogs cannot trample in or pee on! I would love to be able to provide my own fresh, organic produce and use my own compost :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days without incidence....ZERO!

I swear, if I could go ONE WEEK with out Hudson causing trouble, I would be a happy kitten momma! It seems pretty regularly I am inducing vomiting, taking radiographs, checking to see what has been eaten, removing things from Hudson's reach...etc.

Yesterday during lunch I was cleaning the litterboxes, and saw red in some of the stool. I gloved up and looked closer...there was a red craft "pompom" in the stool! REALLY?! I knew at once it was Hudson! I looked around for more, and didn't see anything else. I went upstairs to clean that litterbox and saw red again! There was another pompom. Both stools were old but one may have been more fresh. Oh the joys of being a Vet Tech and examining poop on a regular basis! I decided to just take Huddy into work with me to be one the safe side. At least this way I could keep him locked up AND observe him!

The vet recommended taking some radiographs just to be safe. There was some gas in the distal colon (end of the large intestine) and stool higher up in the colon. There was also food in his stomach. This was at 1:45 in the afternoon, and could be some cause for concern. Cat's have a pretty quick GI transit time, the amount of time it takes for peristalsis to move food out of the stomach and down the intestines. Hudson ate breakfast around 6:30 that morning, but there is ALWAYS a risk of him eating something I don't know about! We decided to repeat the rads at 4:30ish and see what they show. The 2nd set of rads showed more food had moved, but the stomach was not empty. The Dr recommended taking rads once more this morning after fasting Hudson over night. Of course this is my ONE morning off this week, so I wasn't too please about waking up at my normal time. Hudson also had to be locked up and skipped dinner AND breakfast...Thankfully this mornings radiographs showed and empty stomach and stool in the distal colon! All of which is a very good sign :)

What frustrates me is that Huddy eats things I am unaware of. At least if I see him eat it, I can estimate if he can pass the object or if I should induce vomiting. There is a 50-50 chance when he eats stuff if it will cause an obstruction or not! If he eats it and I don't know...I am screwed! Thankfully he passed the poms, but I don't know how long ago he ate them, or how many he ate!

This cat...

On a positive note, our local paper does Pet Stories each Sunday, then they repeat on Wednesday's, and they have contact info for people to write in about their pet. Of course I e-mailed a short story (less than 250 words) about Hudson and a picture. The lady who posts the stories e-mailed me back asking for a better picture, the one I sent was slightly out of focus. It was hard enough condensing Hudson down to 250 words, let alone taking a STILL SHOT of this cat!
However I managed to find a non-blurry, non-motion, face looking at the camera, picture of Hudson!
The submitted picture
Hopefully this picture will be in The Post and Courier soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teaspoons and Tank tops...

Today has been quite a day! Hudson has really outdone himself this time...How?? Well, our garbage disposal is broken. Hudson knocked my ceramic teaspoon measure thingy into the garbage disposal, and now two things are broken! At least I have an excuse to go to World Market to buy the cute ceramic flower measuring spoons I found a few weeks back! :)

Now to tank tops....Huddy finished off the tank top from last week. In a way it is my fault, because I was hoping to salvage what was left of the shirt and didn't throw it away. Todd and I were goofing off and the tank top was on the bed, next thing I know Hudson was trying to eat it again! I ran across the room and pulled some of the fabric out of his mouth, I then realized he had already swallowed part of the strap before I got there! I had Todd help me give Hudson some hydrogen peroxide, hoping to induce vomiting. Well, that didn't work. I have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities, the peroxide was expired and not fizzing...Hudson is immune to it's effects...or Hudson has got some AMAZING anti-emetic will powers that I am unaware (and jealous) of. He would NOT VOMIT! We gave 3 doses of peroxide, last time it only took one. I wish I didn't have so much experience with inducing vomiting, just one more talent I posses thanks to Huddy! In between doses I was on Facebook getting more advice from Dr Chavis. After the 3rd dose, and no symptoms of nausea, I ended up having to take Huddy to work and have the tech doing boarding this weekend help give him an injection to cause vomiting. It took Hudson about 10 minutes to finally vomit, and when he did there was lots of food, and more tank top!

We finally got home, and Todd's two nephews were already over. We were planning to take them to lunch and a movie, but Hudson pushed the plans back to movie and dinner. As soon as we got home, Hudson started running around and getting into trouble. He made it back into "jail" when I was making lunch, he also tried to eat some leaves the boys tracked inside, and tried to "help" my Dad fix our broken garbage disposal! Huddy was locked up again while I was making dinner, and when the boys, Todd and I had a bubble/water fight in the back yard. One of Todd's nephews had a blast with Huddy and catnip, the poor cat was drunk when we left for the movies. Hudson tried to jump on the counter but stumbled and slipped off!

Now Huddy and I are curled up in bed, exhausted by the days events! Hopefully tomorrow will not not nearly as eventful!
The broken up teaspoon, for comparison, the 1/2 teaspoon.
The piece of shirt I pulled out of Huddy's mouth!
The damage to my shirt! It is now in the trash :(
The pieces he finally vomited up at work!
FIVE MINUTES after getting home I had to lock him up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Punishment for studying...?

This is what happens when I try and be a good student. I was taking a practice exam for an Algebra test I have to take tomorrow and Hudson didn't like that! He pulled my tank top out of the laundry basket at then end of the bed and chewed up the a matter of MINUTES! I looked over, and there he was gnawing away. Todd and I went out to eat with the girls at work, so Huddy was locked up. Once we got home, we brushed his teeth and I came upstairs to study.Within minutes Hudson was attacking my feet and having a crack fit!