My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days without incidence....ZERO!

I swear, if I could go ONE WEEK with out Hudson causing trouble, I would be a happy kitten momma! It seems pretty regularly I am inducing vomiting, taking radiographs, checking to see what has been eaten, removing things from Hudson's reach...etc.

Yesterday during lunch I was cleaning the litterboxes, and saw red in some of the stool. I gloved up and looked closer...there was a red craft "pompom" in the stool! REALLY?! I knew at once it was Hudson! I looked around for more, and didn't see anything else. I went upstairs to clean that litterbox and saw red again! There was another pompom. Both stools were old but one may have been more fresh. Oh the joys of being a Vet Tech and examining poop on a regular basis! I decided to just take Huddy into work with me to be one the safe side. At least this way I could keep him locked up AND observe him!

The vet recommended taking some radiographs just to be safe. There was some gas in the distal colon (end of the large intestine) and stool higher up in the colon. There was also food in his stomach. This was at 1:45 in the afternoon, and could be some cause for concern. Cat's have a pretty quick GI transit time, the amount of time it takes for peristalsis to move food out of the stomach and down the intestines. Hudson ate breakfast around 6:30 that morning, but there is ALWAYS a risk of him eating something I don't know about! We decided to repeat the rads at 4:30ish and see what they show. The 2nd set of rads showed more food had moved, but the stomach was not empty. The Dr recommended taking rads once more this morning after fasting Hudson over night. Of course this is my ONE morning off this week, so I wasn't too please about waking up at my normal time. Hudson also had to be locked up and skipped dinner AND breakfast...Thankfully this mornings radiographs showed and empty stomach and stool in the distal colon! All of which is a very good sign :)

What frustrates me is that Huddy eats things I am unaware of. At least if I see him eat it, I can estimate if he can pass the object or if I should induce vomiting. There is a 50-50 chance when he eats stuff if it will cause an obstruction or not! If he eats it and I don't know...I am screwed! Thankfully he passed the poms, but I don't know how long ago he ate them, or how many he ate!

This cat...

On a positive note, our local paper does Pet Stories each Sunday, then they repeat on Wednesday's, and they have contact info for people to write in about their pet. Of course I e-mailed a short story (less than 250 words) about Hudson and a picture. The lady who posts the stories e-mailed me back asking for a better picture, the one I sent was slightly out of focus. It was hard enough condensing Hudson down to 250 words, let alone taking a STILL SHOT of this cat!
However I managed to find a non-blurry, non-motion, face looking at the camera, picture of Hudson!
The submitted picture
Hopefully this picture will be in The Post and Courier soon!

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  1. He has got you rollin' in joy though! Perfect the newspapers, Kate - he is a great kitty - keeping you happy - even though his mouth is so active!!!