My philosphy

My philosphy

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Future Career....Assistant Gardener!

Hudson, Todd and I had a wonderful rain filled, dirt covered 10 minutes on our porch today!

Todd and I went to World Market for a ceramic kitchen composter today and stopped by Lowes to look at plants and garden soil. I ended up buying a Strawberry plant. It started to rain while we were out, which thankfully washed away the horrible yellow pollen. Once we got home, we went outside to transplant my Yellow Squash and the newest addition, the Strawberry plant. Huddy had a blast exploring the dirt, the new plants and trying to figure out the rain. In the process of transplanting the squash, one of the stems/leaves broke off; I planned to add it to my new compost crock today but it soon went missing! Next thing I know, Hudson is running around the kitchen EATING the stem and leaves!
Part of me couldn't believe he took it...the other part is thinking my naive part is a dumbass! Hudson had fun playing with the plant, then joined me outside to explore the porch some more!
My kitchen compost crock, and my bare, tattooed hippie feet :)

Simply me...and the dirt on my forehead!

I am SO surprised with how well my plants are growing! I took some pictures about a week ago, and have been to busy to upload them. I took a "group" photo today, and the growth is just AMAZING! I have never been able to grow anything before!!
Yellow Squash

My favorite flower!








Mini Tomato

The whole family!
Sunflowers and Daisy's
Yellow Squash

Now I hope my plants continue to thrive, so I can use fresh herbs, fruits and veggies! We have started to look into raised garden beds to plant everything in...something the dogs cannot trample in or pee on! I would love to be able to provide my own fresh, organic produce and use my own compost :)

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  1. Kate!!!! You're rockin' the Earth!!! WOO HOO!!!!
    This is awesome! I am so excited!!! You're doing it!!! And the plants look fantastic! This is so cool - and of course Hudson is going to be a riot running through all of this as things get bigger. I am almost glad you haven't been able to "grow anything" before - I'm grateful to be a part of a flourishing year for all of you! Thanks for letting me link to your post! I hope your sunflowers are huge - don't be surprised if he tries to climb them : )!
    Feel free to email any pics you want featured as time goes forward ( in case I can't point to yours! Lovin' your tattoos, too!