My philosphy

My philosphy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Huddy is in the local paper!

I am pet sitting for my Dad while he is out of town, which means I get to "steal" his Sunday paper! As you may remember, a few weeks back I sent an e-mail to our local paper for the Pet Story. Today, Hudson is in our paper!

I love my kitty, am happy to share his crazy antics with whoever wants a good story! He is constantly surprising us, and everyone we talk to!

Here are a few pictures I took of him last night, the windows were open and it was storming...Huddy enjoyed sitting on the curtains and watching us fold laundry.
Trying very hard to look innocent...

I wish I could have gotten a closer shot, but he moves too quick!

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  1. Awesome! Do they post links? That would be so cool! He looks so sly there in the curtains : )
    Congratulations on your first Newspaper story Kate and Huddy! The Hudson Daily - - - : )