My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday!

Today is Hudson's Birthday! Since my Dad has his littermates, and I am petsitting while Dad is out of town, the also got to celebrate! Hudson, being the kind and generous kitty he is, allowed me to share a can of his food...(ok, maybe I snuck it out of the house while he wasn't looking...)

Wilson and Zoey LOVED the can of food, and fought over licking the the bowls clean!

Hudson of course had something extra....HB written in toothpaste! HB=Happy Birthday!

Of course Todd and I had to record the only celebrate your first birthday once! And the fact that Huddy made it to a year with out dying, getting exploratory surgery and without US killing him, that is definitely worth celebrating!


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  1. Happy Birthday Hudson!!!!!
    That rocks!
    Now go for 30 more, dude!