My philosphy

My philosphy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teaspoons and Tank tops...

Today has been quite a day! Hudson has really outdone himself this time...How?? Well, our garbage disposal is broken. Hudson knocked my ceramic teaspoon measure thingy into the garbage disposal, and now two things are broken! At least I have an excuse to go to World Market to buy the cute ceramic flower measuring spoons I found a few weeks back! :)

Now to tank tops....Huddy finished off the tank top from last week. In a way it is my fault, because I was hoping to salvage what was left of the shirt and didn't throw it away. Todd and I were goofing off and the tank top was on the bed, next thing I know Hudson was trying to eat it again! I ran across the room and pulled some of the fabric out of his mouth, I then realized he had already swallowed part of the strap before I got there! I had Todd help me give Hudson some hydrogen peroxide, hoping to induce vomiting. Well, that didn't work. I have narrowed it down to 3 possibilities, the peroxide was expired and not fizzing...Hudson is immune to it's effects...or Hudson has got some AMAZING anti-emetic will powers that I am unaware (and jealous) of. He would NOT VOMIT! We gave 3 doses of peroxide, last time it only took one. I wish I didn't have so much experience with inducing vomiting, just one more talent I posses thanks to Huddy! In between doses I was on Facebook getting more advice from Dr Chavis. After the 3rd dose, and no symptoms of nausea, I ended up having to take Huddy to work and have the tech doing boarding this weekend help give him an injection to cause vomiting. It took Hudson about 10 minutes to finally vomit, and when he did there was lots of food, and more tank top!

We finally got home, and Todd's two nephews were already over. We were planning to take them to lunch and a movie, but Hudson pushed the plans back to movie and dinner. As soon as we got home, Hudson started running around and getting into trouble. He made it back into "jail" when I was making lunch, he also tried to eat some leaves the boys tracked inside, and tried to "help" my Dad fix our broken garbage disposal! Huddy was locked up again while I was making dinner, and when the boys, Todd and I had a bubble/water fight in the back yard. One of Todd's nephews had a blast with Huddy and catnip, the poor cat was drunk when we left for the movies. Hudson tried to jump on the counter but stumbled and slipped off!

Now Huddy and I are curled up in bed, exhausted by the days events! Hopefully tomorrow will not not nearly as eventful!
The broken up teaspoon, for comparison, the 1/2 teaspoon.
The piece of shirt I pulled out of Huddy's mouth!
The damage to my shirt! It is now in the trash :(
The pieces he finally vomited up at work!
FIVE MINUTES after getting home I had to lock him up!

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  1. Hudson needs to come over for a play date! My gray cat is not half as active as this!!! She would love a lesson in, "Hey - life is an adventure!! Let's go!!!"