My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Hudson's" Om ball!

I love it when Todd's nephews come over, so does Hudson. This time, they found my "Om ball", a toy I bought at a locally owned, natural, awesome, pet store. The boys decided that Hudson should play with the ball...Hudson wasn't sure at first, because the Om ball makes noise! When it's moved/smacked it loudly "says" Ommmmmmmm  :)

I guess the noise grew on Huddy, maybe it helped him relax, maybe he practices Yoga when we aren't around...who knows! The other day, I heard the Ommmmm, and I found Hudson on the cat perch playing with the ball. I was able to get some cute pictures of him.
His new favorite Yoga pose!

Todd took this picture, a different perspective!

I LOVE this ball!

My sexy kitty!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hudson Snacks

Oh boy...where to begin?!

I have been sick since Saturday, so I haven't been letting the animals in our room. Sleep is very important anyways, especially when you are sick. Hudson however doesn't feel the same, and his favorite thing is waking me up at ungodly hours of the night. Last night, I felt guilty, and missed my boy, so I let him in. BIG mistake! I didn't get much sleep, and for some reason, the night I let him in, is the night he breaks into the pantry! Several months ago, Todd and I had to buy a stand alone pantry because our townhouse doesn't have one, and Hudson is evil. We also bought child safety locks so he cannot open the doors! The pantry has been quite full lately, and the doors haven't been closing all the way. Hudson realized last night that he could pull the tortilla wraps through the doors, and "gutted" the bag, eating 3 of the 8 large wraps. I am surprised he didn't eat them all! Boy loves his carbs!!

Hudson has found a new favorite treat...peanut butter! My "special needs" dog, Cole, is on several medications/supplements through out the day, and pill pockets became too expensive. We found that peanut butter works great for him. We get half a spoonful, cover the pill with peanut butter and let Cole lick the spoon clean. Hudson soon realized how this works, and now twice daily, Hudson tries to steal  the spoon!

I was able to get a few pictures, I hope they are not too blurry. I also hope today's blog entry isn't too random and actually reads well. I am really feeling the cold meds that Todd convinced me to take, and am simply exhausted from work and studying.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Huddy's Security Blanket

While up in Buffalo, my Aunt gave us a security blanket she knitted for Hudson. I slept with it a few nights so it has my scent, and Hudson loves to play with it. It stays in our room, but he rolls around attacking it and snuggling. I was able to get a picture of that this morning with him on our bed!
He's so sexy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been a long week

This blog should have been posted last week...but time has flown by and lots of things have happened.

Tuesday will be three weeks since my Opa (Grandfather) passed away. Todd and I were lucky enough to fly up to Buffalo NY last weekend to be with my family. Opa did not want a church funeral, he was cremated and we all met at Reinsteins Nature Preserve, where he volunteered for 10+ years for a Life Celebration. Because we were trying to keep costs down, we flew out of Charlotte NC, about 3.5hours from home. Our flight was at 6:15 am, so it was an interesting night! The flight left late and therefore landed late, giving us 6 minutes to trek across Washington Dulles airport, form Concourse A3 to involved numerous escalators and a subway train. Needless to say, we missed the flight. We were able to get on another flight 4 hours later, which of course left from Concourse A5! The point of this story is, on our way to D16 we saw "Hudson Bookstore" and "Hudson News", but there was no time for pictures! Since we had 4 hours to kill, and the "bookstore" was right next to our new concourse we stopped in to explore. It also worked out because we got to be bad and eat Five Guys for breakfast...I behaved and did NOT get a beer as well!

He even has recommendations!

Why the hell isn't he paying rent!!

Thankfully the time at the airport went by quickly, we paid $5.99 for two hours of wi-fi and watched Scrubs on my laptop. We were able to make it to Buffalo in time for the Life Celebration, and had a wonderful time visiting family I haven't seen in years. It was amazing seeing how many people not only knew Opa, but were impacted by his life. It was truly special being there, and honoring his life.

I am most shocked that Hudson behaved for my Mom while we were gone! He was saving his energy for when we got home. I still don't know how he did this, but above our bed is a Buddha paper lantern light that hangs down...a few days after we got home, we heard a crash, and the light was dangling about a few inches above my pillow!
He plopped down here and tried to look innocent.

This cat is trouble!
On a side note, I found an awesome contest where Todd and I can win a Fairy Tale Wedding in Disney! To be honest, I don't care where we are, or what we wear, the important thing is that we are together...however, after going to Disney in October with Todd, I have been wanting to go back. And if it's paid for, why not get married there! So whoever comes across this blog, would you PLEASE click here, and vote for us. The couple with the most votes wins a runner up prize of a $1000 Wedding Gown gift card.
If I don't win, all is well. I have found the man I can be myself at all times and want to share my life with, and nothing will change that :)
At Disney, waiting to see the Philharmagic Show