My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hudson Snacks

Oh boy...where to begin?!

I have been sick since Saturday, so I haven't been letting the animals in our room. Sleep is very important anyways, especially when you are sick. Hudson however doesn't feel the same, and his favorite thing is waking me up at ungodly hours of the night. Last night, I felt guilty, and missed my boy, so I let him in. BIG mistake! I didn't get much sleep, and for some reason, the night I let him in, is the night he breaks into the pantry! Several months ago, Todd and I had to buy a stand alone pantry because our townhouse doesn't have one, and Hudson is evil. We also bought child safety locks so he cannot open the doors! The pantry has been quite full lately, and the doors haven't been closing all the way. Hudson realized last night that he could pull the tortilla wraps through the doors, and "gutted" the bag, eating 3 of the 8 large wraps. I am surprised he didn't eat them all! Boy loves his carbs!!

Hudson has found a new favorite treat...peanut butter! My "special needs" dog, Cole, is on several medications/supplements through out the day, and pill pockets became too expensive. We found that peanut butter works great for him. We get half a spoonful, cover the pill with peanut butter and let Cole lick the spoon clean. Hudson soon realized how this works, and now twice daily, Hudson tries to steal  the spoon!

I was able to get a few pictures, I hope they are not too blurry. I also hope today's blog entry isn't too random and actually reads well. I am really feeling the cold meds that Todd convinced me to take, and am simply exhausted from work and studying.

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  1. He is insane - thank God, too!!! I've missed your posts! Hope you are feeling better now and that his carb overload made it through with no problems!!!