My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, June 17, 2011

The decision has been made for me....

Hudson has dug his own "grave". Last night we let him in our room, and I awoke at 5am to a strange noise behind me. He was chewing on my pillowcase ties while I was sleeping on the pillow! This is a new low! So, I will pick up the Prozac today, and do a trial run...I am still on the edge some, but now am even more worried about the eventuality of surgery to remove a foreign body!

In other Huddy news...I was cutting up some of my Squash to eat (I was SOOO excited to be able to eat one, finally!) and it turns out, Hudson LOVES Squash! Go figure. He ran off with it, ate it under the table, then came back for more. He also loves Mango, but not Banana! Such a crazy veggie loving cat. I also got some more pictures of Hudson chewing on/playing with his cat grass.

Time to make some coffee and head to work!

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  1. ahhhh! Good luck with the Prozac - I don't know anything about it with cats (and only knew one person years ago who used it - so no help there). He's still the best! Look how fit he is from running all over the place. I WISH our cats had a hankering for fresh food like him - he's perfectly wise in so many ways!