My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love my job, and the clinic where I work is by far my favorite place to have ever been employed. We have our fair share of drama, but it is inevitable when you work with 8+ women on a regular basis. My first day of work here, I really hit it off with one of the other techs. We are so very alike, in all the crazy right ways. She is just as big of an Earth loving hippie as I am, her animals are her children, she prefers all natural and Organic for everything, and she researches the hell out of everything...we are now convinced we are twins, separated at birth and lied to about our true age (she is 3 years older than me). One day we had an awesome hippie client tell us everyone should spend at least 10 minutes outside daily, "Earthing" themselves. She said to take off your shoes, lay in the grass and just enjoy Mother Nature. We LOVE that idea! So part of Hudson's new routine will include Earthing daily.

Todd and I have a cat harness that Emily used to wear in her thinner days ;)  so we make Hudson wear it. I say "make" because it is pink, and he hates it! I think the color looks good against his grey coat, Todd said he looks gay...even more now because his pheromone color is purple! With the harness on, and a dog leash attached, Hudson is ready for Earthing! He spends most of his time rolling around on the grass, sometimes I "drag" him with the leash, which he LOVES, we even tried climbing a few trees. I laid down in the grass, and Hudson snuggled on my stomach for a few minutes, then wanted to explore the bushes where that damn mouse lives.

Me and my boy!

Afterward we came back into the yard, and Hudson started rolling all over Cole, who was Earthing (ie: sleeping in the sun). The video is blurry, Todd's camera phone isn't all that great...but I didn't have pockets in my dress, and Hudson sure as heck wasn't going to carry my phone!  Todd was unable to get the original video of Hudson rolling on Cole, it didn't turn on in I kept picking up Hudson and putting him down on Cole! 

Todd also took a couple of pictures of my Sunflowers!

They are beautiful!
My Squash is growing again, but no more Strawberries...we have a field mouse that keeps coming in our yard and eating my plants! He devoured my Daisy's, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Strawberries and a Squash. As well as ate all my birdseed, extra herb/veggie seeds, and is chewing up the newspaper under the composter! I am soooo flippin mad at the mouse, but I refuse to kill it. I need to get a trap that allows me to release him elsewhere. My Dad has woods behind his house, however part of me feels bad moving the mouse from his family! Todd tells me I am being silly :) Hudson almost caught the mouse last week! Todd heard a noise from under the grill, first the mouse runs out, then Huddy followed, the mouse made it under the fence though. I am happy he scared the mouse off, even though it will come back. I would feel horrible if he caught it and hurt it! Maybe I will just buy food for the mouse, and feed him in the bushes behind our fence.

Well, I guess I should get back to doing schoolwork. This is my last Thursday morning off, I will now work all day every I guess I should be productive and get laundry done, clean and study before work this afternoon. I have lots to do, because next week we are driving up to Buffalo. It took awhile to get all of us Grand kids out of school (kinda, I am the only one, but my classes are online) so we can all meet and bury a memorial tree for my Opa at the Nature Preserve where he volunteered for over 10 years. They are also putting in a bench for him with all the money donated after he passes away! It's amazing to see all the hard work he put in there pay off in such a meaningful way. I am excited to see our family again, but am NOT looking forward to the LONG LONG drive up (about 14 - 15 hours...).

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  1. This is wonderful, Kate - Hudson & Earthing are two new, great additions to my summer activities! Your sunflowers look stellar and go mouse - I do the same. Our cat killed one once, and all I could think was, "God, I hope it went quick and she didn't torture the little critter."
    Good luck on the long drive - it will be worth it! My Hudson's cousin cat wears a harness, too - it's red - used to belong to the dog - who got to big for it : )