My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He did it again...

Oh it has been awhile since my last post...and I am sure you can guess what Huddy did again, but we will get to that soon. There is LOTS to catch up on!

I REALLY meant to blog about 2 weeks ago, I was SO proud of Hudson! We drew blood on him WHILE he was awake! I was expecting to have to sedate his crazy behind, so what if it took 4 people what if we had 2 people restrain, 1 talk to him and me drawing the blood...we still did it! He was so good! I really wish I had an extra person available to take a picture of our venipuncture efforts, it was impressive. This may not mean much to someone outside the field, but I drew blood from his medial sapheneous vein with a butterfly catheter. Meaning, Huddy was laying on his side, and I drew blood from the vein on the inside of his leg, about 6cc's with a butterfly catheter. I think this is one of the best ways to draw blood on cats. It doesn't stress them out as much, and it's pretty darn easy with some practice.

The bloodwork was to rule out any metabolic disorder explaining his pica. We had good/bad news. The good news is the bloodwork was normal, the bad news is there isn't a simple solution to fixing this problem. So far the only advice we have found is give the cat a stimulating environment. Lots of toys, things to explore, make them work for their meals, use pheromones to help relax, limit exposure to known items to be eaten, etc. That is all much easier said than done. I really doubted the use of pheromones with Huddy, even though I have had good results with Feliway, a pheromone to help relax stressful cats, I wasn't quite sold. That was before Roscoe boarded with us at work.

It was my boarding weekend, and that Friday Roscoe came in to stay one week. This was not his first time staying with us, but something had changed. Roscoe was fractious. He was terrified of us, and was trying to attack "first". Roscoe's parents wanted us to examine him, get him up to date on vaccines and run the routine yearly bloodwork. The problem was we couldn't touch him! Thankfully we have two cat boarding rooms, each room has and upper and lower kennel, that is divided into three smaller cages. The cats each get a top or bottom, which has three "rooms" that we can divide if needed. We had to move the cat staying in the cage below Roscoe into the other room. I then sprayed the room and cage with Feliway, I also sprayed a towel that was then draped over the "room" Roscoe was hiding in. By Sunday morning it was like a whole new cat was staying with us. Roscoe was purring, rubbing on my hand, eating and using his litterbox. Monday was were able to touch him! I have always been a fan of Feliway, but now I am a believer! I have started spraying Feliway around where Huddy hangs out, and today I bought a pheromone collar for him to wear. Typically I would NEVER buy anything made by Sergeant's, because their flea/tick products are SO dangerous...but it's a pheromone, how can they mess that up?! With in minutes of putting the collar on Hudson, he was purring and being VERY loving! He has been more snugly tonight than ever before, and curled up under the blanket with me while I studied :)

The decision to finally try the collar, 2 weeks after the experience with Roscoe, was made for me this morning. Hudson decided to eat TWO more straps off a bra! I took him to work, and attempted to induce vomiting...nothing happened! At least we were able to trim his claws, and I made two ink paw prints while he was sedated! I had to leave my boy at work for a few hours while I ran some errands with my Dad, when I got back, he was SOOO stressed. There was a cat next to him that was upset, and screaming. Hudson actually attacked me when I tried to pick him up! He also stressed the whole car ride home, I felt like the collar certainly couldn't hurt after a day like today!

Todd and I have now made a wish list of cool toys and cat perches at Petsmart that we want for Hudson. I am considering asking for cats toys as my Birthday gift (my Birthday is next week)! This cat is a nut, and either way we will be spending money to replace eaten clothes, or entertain him.

I have some cute Hudson pictures to post, but cannot find my micro sd card adapter, hopefully he hasn't eaten it! I will post them whenever I find the damn card!


  1. Oh my goodness! You get a blog award and Hudson eats straps again! What a nightmare!!! Kate I hope he's doing okay - geez! I don't understand the blood draw thing, butr drawing blood from anyone or anything would freak me out - huge award of courage and awesomeness to you! Hudson: knock it off, dude!!!

  2. I hope all is well! Sending you p[peaceful night and tank tops!