My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He missed us!

Hudson has been SO happy since Todd and I got home late Monday night/early Tuesday morning (1:30am!). He kept waking me up during my few short hours of sleep, by rubbing all over my face, drooling, purring, licking etc. I realized that this is the longest we have left him alone! I wish that he was more calm though, esp. since he has been taking the Prozac while we were gone. Today Hudson has been VERY hyper, and running around the house having feline crackfits! I am cleaning, doing laundry, studying, etc...he is running around, jumping off of things and acting like a fool. I had to lock him in the dog crate with some toys, because he used my face as a launching pad off the couch and scratched me up! What a retard! He is also trying to eat some Lily of the Valley bulbs my Aunt gave I had to lock those up yesterday while unpacking!

Here is an awesome link Todd's brother sent me last week, and I finally got a chance to watch! I forgot the volume was turned up real loud, and the cat upset Cole, who then started to walk around huffing and puffing!

And some awesome Cat Videos...I tried Cat Yodeling with Hudson, he won't yodel! Instead, he purrs and quietly trills...something isn't right with him!

I cannot get the embedded video to work, so I will just have to post the links :(

An Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling
An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Maybe by the end of the Summer Semester and my Intro to Computers Class, I will get better with this!
Speaking of, time to get back to studying!


  1. ***you don't have to post this comment, I just have no way to message you!***
    How to embed code - when you are on you're "New Post" page, click the tab "HTML" just above the top right corner of your post and put in the embed code from the video (under "show more" if they will allow it, some videos don't). the video will appear at the top of your post. If you need to make a break (a line space) type
    ***there is a space between the "r" and the "/" very important. I usually wait until I'm done writing, then switch to "HTML" to add the video link. Hope this helps!! So good to hear from you again and another comment behind this one!

  2. I hope your face is okay! Wish my crazy cat box kitty would run more than just in the box, she's putting on weight being so lazy! If Hudson could bark - oh, god, how funny would that be!?!?!?

    He loves you so much, it shows, all over your house, too - every mess and every bra strap he eats!