My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hudson's Birthday Gift

Good morning :)

Today is my 24th Birthday...Hudson decided to help me celebrate by eating the remaining strings to my pillow cases!

I was pleasantly awoken by Todd whispering "Happy Birthday" and he let the cats into the room. Emily and Fluff started cuddling with me, and within moments Hudson had eaten the ties off my pillow cases...I decided against taking him to work this morning. I wanted to enjoy my coffee and breakfast with Todd before he left for work. I have the day off today, my Birthday happened to fall on my ONE day off this week :)

Hudson has also let him self out of the dog crate, and harassed me in the bathroom. If he keeps this up, he may be skipping breakfast!

I guess I should feed them now, then go back to be lazy until Todd gets off work at 1ish. He is then taking me out for a surprise birthday lunch, day out, then dinner....I have been harassing him all week for details, but he has been strong! I did however get to open my card last night. Only because we both had a bad day, and I felt sick to my stomach from a headache. We then snugged up with Hudson and watched X-men. I am starting to wonder about letting him around while we watch these types of movies...after watching the original three Star Wars movies, Hudson seems particularly evil...DARTH HUDSON. It sounds intimidating!
we MUST buy him this costume!
Oh yea, I STILL haven't found my micro sd card adapter, so my awesomely cute pictures of Hudson are still on my phone.

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    Darth Hudson! That's hilarious!
    I hope it all went fantastically, wonderfully, joyfully well for ALL of you!!!