My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, July 29, 2011

Huddy being held and Raven update

Hudson was letting me hold him yesterday morning...and he was purring! This is HUGE for me, because recently he has been upset due to Raven being in our room. He hasn't been in the bedroom for 4 weeks now, and he is quite upset!

Speaking of Raven, here is video of her playing! ♥ She has been doing SO well, playing and grooming, that she went back to her home today! Her parents picked her up and I explained everything I have been doing to promote healthy weight loss

Willow now has her own Facebook page, and e-mail account! I want to help spread the word on kittens born with twisted limbs,  how they are normal otherwise and quite deserving of life ♥
you can e-mail at
OR visit her facebook page

Hopefully I will get my pediatric text book in, and we will start bandaging next week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer cleaning/Blog changes

I have exploring all around Blogger, and have been updating/rearranging my blog!

I took advice from another blogger I follow about utilizing "Labels" or "Tags" for each post, and have been going through EVERY post to add these in. So it will be easier to navigate for specific posts (like Willow, or Hudson related...however Hudson's label would be better named "Destruction"). I also added videos from my YouTube page, and need to upload more to my channel!

I also plan to closely follow Willow's bandaging over the next few months, and will update with lots of pictures. I will try to blog regularly during the Fall, which will be harder due to school. It is still up in the air about me starting the Vet Tech program this Fall. Once my Summer final grades post, and my GPA is adequate...I need to wait for someone to drop out! The program is full! However, I do work with one of the faculty teachers in the program, and he told me if anyone drops out, they will try their hardest to get me in.

Either way I will be taking classes this Fall, anywhere from 3 - 5 depending on if I start the Vet Tech program or not.

On another note, I received the absolute sweetest e-mail today about Willow from a 7 year old who saw her video, and I wanted to copy and paste here so I can share it -

"I like the kitten.  It's too bad that Willow has twisted limbs.  And I would like to see Willow's limbs back to normal.  Hudson is the most nicest cat in the world.  Because Willow is so cute I'm  glad that Hudson takes care of Willow.  And I'm glad that you take care of Willow, too!!"

I read this e-mail with the biggest smile♥

Final title change

I have decided to go back to the original title...because I truly am a Crazy Cat Lady, and I am ok with that! And that doesn't mean Hudson cannot take over the blog every so often, it only makes sense, he takes over EVERYTHING else ♥

Guilty of guilting....

I totally guilted Todd last night into letting me buy a kinda expensive text book I have been eying for awhile on The book is Small Animal Pediatrics, and I found it awhile ago. I LOVE the "Look Inside" option, and am guilty of reading the sample text a few times...I figured this book would be helpful considering the numerous neonate kittens I manage to find and foster, especially more so because of Willow. I tried looking in our radiology books at work to compare her films to, and found nothing. I am also concerned with having to sedate her and bandage her legs, and really want more information about neonates and anesthesia specifically.

I didn't mean to guilt Todd, I swear! Last night we were looking online for tickets for a concert in October (we are seeing Weird Al in North Carolina!!) and only the VIP/Special seating tickets are for sale. Since we aren't paying THAT much for tickets, I asked about getting this book instead. Todd jokingly made a remark about how it was just HIS Birthday, and how he should be ordering something (granted he received PLENTY of cash and gift cards for his B-day, and has pre-ordered a few games already...). Somewhat serious, but mostly kidding...I told him that I wanted to book to reference while Willow was under anesthesia, during bandaging and recovering, and if anything happened to her and we couldn't help because we didn't have the text to reference to, it was on him. Well, after saying it I immediately felt bad, but Todd said yes!

About 10 minutes later, I apologized and told Todd I felt like I guilted him; he said not to worry, but I did guilt him a little! So we ordered the book, with 2 day shipping! I have wanted this book for awhile now, and cannot wait to read it. I am SUCH a nerd!

In the mean time, I printed 6 different articles pertaining to kittens with twisted legs (thanks again Christina for the links) including the one Dr. Balara sent us. I LOVE having a "game plan" and want to know more about how to fix Willow. Hopefully next week we can start bandaging! She will be 6 weeks old this week, but I want my book in before we start. Dr. Balara said between 6 - 8 weeks of age is ideal. I already cannot believe how big Willow is now ♥ She now weighs just over half a pound (9oz)!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Willow video

I was able to get some amazing video of Willow being her sweet, cute self! I LOVE our new camera

Cattoo Design

I came across this AWESOME website the other day, dedicated to cat tattoos! I found the e-mail address and sent in a picture and back round story on my black cat tattoo, and they uploaded it today!

Cattoo Design- Slinky Black Kitty

Hudson is CRAZY!

Hudson has been getting into all kinds of trouble these past few is the photo story-
Hudson gutted his bouncy mouse toy...
And left the squeaky part on my shoe!

He has been eating part of Cole's blanket...

lots of parts....
 I did not however take a picture of the piece he vomited up on the carpet by our couch....your welcome

He also spent all night twisting the ribbon on Todd's Birthday balloon and is now trying to eat the ribbon!

He is driving me crazy! He is lucky he is so darn cute!

An update on Bug

I stopped by work this morning to check on Bug, the plan was to take him to his new home, but I forgot a carrier! That worked out because his FIV test is still pending, and he has a history of fighting other cats. I am concerned he might test positive, and that would be a deal breaker. Pretty much, his immune system will be suppressed and he will contract upper respiratory infections easy and be at a higher risk for pneumonia and other diseases. He *could* safely live with other cats, if they don't fight. Deep puncture wounds caused by another cat bite is how this virus spreads, and Bug has a history of NASTY cat bite abscess!

The results we did receive confirmed Hyperthyroidism, which is common in older cats. Hyperthyroidism is treated easily enough, and isn't that expensive once the cat is regulated. The hassle is checking the T4 (a Thyroid level) monthly and adjusting the medications as needed. Once the T4 is normal, the bloodwork is checked every 6 - 12 months. In a nutshell, Hyperthyroidism is caused by the Thyroid gland secreting too much of it's hormone. The Thyroid controls metabolism, and too much hormone causes a ravenous appetite, weight LOSS, and tachycardia (increased heart rate). If left untreated, heart problems will develop.

If Bug is FIV positive, it will be a "deal breaker", if he is negative- the next step is treatment for Hyperthyroidism. I hope they can afford to treat/manage this disease because I will NOT allow him to go untreated. If that is the case, I guess I will start treatment and find him a home...I know Todd will understand!

When I was at work, I was talking with our Head Tech about my "luck" and how I must be destined to be poor! She told me that if she didn't take care of all her critters as well as she does, she could afford several BMW's or Mercedes...but she wouldn't be happy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Divine Intervention? Or Coincidence?

Some days I sit back and wonder about our plan, our purpose...I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my purpose is to help those that cannot help themselves. To allow my big heart to save all that it touches, and I am so grateful to be with someone who understands this. Todd knows I would rather stretch myself too thin, and give up extra material possessions that I don't need, so I can make a difference in an animals life.

Today was a strange day. Before I explain how, some back story is needed. When I working at my first Vet Clinic, one of my rescued cats went missing...a few months later he was brought in by a couple that happens to live right around the corner from my Dad's house. They found him a few months back, and started to feed him. They noticed he wasn't feeling well and brought him in for an exam. I found it strange they brought him to the clinic I was working at because there was one closer to our neighborhood (where I happen to work now...), but was so happy to see Dante again, safe and happy! They did the right thing and gave him back to me. Because he was gone for awhile, the dynamics between the cats changed in our home, and Emily started to beat Dante up. I asked them if they would like to take him back...they were ecstatic! About 3 - 4 months ago they brought in their recently adopted shelter dog into my current clinic for the new adoption check up, and filled me in on Dante, and thanked me for giving him to them. Every so often I see them when I visit my Dad, and they always ask about my animals and update on Dante.

Today, I get a phone call from the wife while at work. She went into the garage to change around the laundry, and found a large black cat sleeping on the clothes, he looked identical to our cat Bug, who liked to hang out in their yard. Bug went missing about 2.5 years ago! We always found it odd, because Bug seemed to have chosen the house vs the people....when my brother moved across the subdivision community (it's called Sangaree, and is a collection of neighborhoods) about 3 neighborhoods away, he took his cat Bug with him. Bug would randomly leave my Mom's house and make his way back to Dad's. Sometimes he made the trip in a day, sometimes a week. Once we got a call from the local shelter, Animal Control had picked him up! Thank God for microchips!!

I asked if it would be a major inconvenience to bring the cat to work (they live about 5 minutes away) so I could scan for a microchip to confirm it it was Bug, they said they would. I will admit, I was doubtful that it was the same cat. About 20 minutes later they were at the Clinic, and the cat looked familiar! I scanned for a microchip and told them I would call the company shortly to verify and asked if they wanted to leave the cat for now and I could call after work. We discussed what would happen if it was Bug, and I told them he might not work out well at Dad's. Technically he is my brother's cat, but Andy is living in California now, and was unable to bring his cat and dog (they now live with our Dad). They expressed interest in adopting Bug, so I told them I would verify, but didn't think that would be an issue.

Sure enough, the microchip proved it was Bug! He was missing for almost 3 years!! We drew some blood to check for metabolic disorders common in older cats (Liver Disease, Renal Insufficiency, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, etc) and to check for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and treated for the MANY fleas present! Bug looked like he had lost weight, but seemed happy. He was purring and kneading the air while I held him, and was rubbing on me during his exam. He is about 9 now, and still as sweet as ever.

I spoke with my Dad and Brother, who both agree...if these people want to give Bug a good home, that is great! We were all so shocked that he showed up again, and at their house of all places! It is amazing that they found me a few months back at my current clinic, and that Bug made his way back into my life!

I swear, I am great at being in the right place at the right time when it comes to cats! So tonight Bug is at work, because I didn't have an extra carrier (and don't want dead fleas in my car!), and tomorrow (my day off...) I will check on his bloodwork and take him to his new home! I forgot to take a picture of him to post...oh well, there is always tomorrow!

Willow had her Intraosseous catheter removed today, she started to get MAD when I gave her injections through it. They feel a change in pressure during injections, but it isn't painful per se....We gave her an antibiotic injection that lasts two weeks, and started her on some oral antibiotics! She is eating canned food like a champ, but still won't give up her bottle! She is a fighter, and Dr Chavis is now calling her "Princess PITA" (Pain In The Ass) because of all we went through yesterday <3
Willow is now sleeping on me, twitching in her dreams....I think I am going to snuggle up with her and Todd and go to bed :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miracles are normal

Too bad Hudson knocked my beautiful magnet with these amazing words hand-painted as a daily reminder (thanks again Christina!) and it's lost.

Willow is suckling from her bottle, purring, lifting her head at the sound of my voice, and nuzzling my face again! I cannot believe it! I really thought she was going to die earlier, and was so upset about the idea of losing a kitten I have only had for 1 week.

Nursing! *note: the intraosseous catheter*

she is purring!

kinda blurry, she was still purring and happy to be held!
Time to snuggle up on the couch with Todd and Willow and watch movies.

Tomorrow is Todd's Birthday by the way, so Willow better keep doing this well!!!

Needing some Healing Thoughts

Today has been a VERY emotionally stressful day, at least since lunch time. I clocked out to feed Willow, and found her lethargic, twitching and unresponsive. At first glance, we thought she was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). Dr Graham said give her some Dextrose by mouth, and heat support. The twitching got better, but Willow was still unresponsive. We decided to draw a drop of blood and check her blood sugar, it was too high to read. Dr Graham said that the Dextrose would not spike the blood sugar that high that fast. Dr Chavis and Dr Graham examined and palpated Willow, trying to figure out what caused her to crash so quickly. She was fine yesterday and this morning...she even pooped (she had been constipated). They said regardless of the diagnosis, the prognosis is grim...because she is so small, drug doses are literally one drop, and her fluid needs are 5mL's per day! Since we had such a difficult time drawing that one drop of blood, we opted to place an intrasseous catheter (see picture below)
Dr Graham pretty much placed a needle into her Femur to administer fluids and an other injections. The plan is to give 0.5mL's of fluid every hour. We also started her on 3 different injectable antibiotics because Dr Graham and Dr Chavis think she is septic. About 1 1/2 hours after starting treatment, she seemed to get worse. Her respiratory rate increased significantly, she was hyper-salivating, showing neurological signs and hyper-reactive to stimuli. Dr Chavis and I decided that if by the time we are ready to leave for the day, Willow hadn't improved we would euthanize her. We didn't want her to suffer, but we also wanted to give her a chance. By 5:30 there was no change, so Dr Chavis and I started discussing the best way to give the injection....all of a sudden Willow started being VERY vocal, and was moving around. I pulled her out of the carrier, and she was more responsive than she had been all afternoon. Dr Graham confirmed that she looked better. We are not out of the woods yet though. I am continuing heat support over night, giving the 0.5mL's of fluid EVERY HOUR, one injection every 6 hours, and the other two every 12 hours! We will see how she is tomorrow. 

As I type this, Willow is laying on my chest, purring. Now purring is not always a sign of contentment in cats, some believe it may be a "self comforting" act, or if painful....but her respiratory rate has decreased, and she is sleeping while curled up vs laying on her side like earlier. 

All I can do is continue this care through out the night and hope for the best. Only time will tell. I don't want to lose her, but won't allow her to suffer either.

Friday, July 15, 2011

So Smart!

I figured it out, I am so proud!

To make it easier to know what you are looking at. R means "right side". DV means Dorsal Ventral, which is a positional/directional term, the patient is laying on their "stomach" ventral, with the dorsal aspect, think "dorsal fin" facing up. VD is the opposite, Ventral Dorsal, which  means the patient is on their back, dorsal aspect, with their stomach facing up, ventral aspect. Depending on what the image is for, determines how to position. Universally, when laying laterally (on their side) the right side is always down. VD is used standard vs DV, but sometimes DV is more comfortable for the patient. Also, when taking radiographs to evaluate the heart/lung field in a heartworm positive animal, DV is used.

These images are small...but so is Willow! If I can find a way to zoom and save that, I can try and upload them again later. Also, her bones/joints looks horrible, but remember...she is young, she needs to grow. They are also more "rubbery" or cartilaginous than hard bone. I will definitely be taking radiographs in the future, and will upload those as well!

Willow's chest, we were trying to get a view of her shoulder blades

A "cat-o-gram" aka, full body image. She has LOTS of gas in her tummy, we are not sure why.

Her rear limbs

Again, but "frog legged"

How to bottle feed a kitten

I finally made a video about bottle feeding kittens! I meant to do this last week, but sometimes I am just a horrible slacker who doesn't feel like doing a darn thing. We are going to start weaning Willow this weekend, so I figured I should make the video while she is still "on the bottle". I am posting the recipe for kitten formula below.

This recipe I found in Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health Care for Cats & Dogs. I always double the formula because I find they go through it fast, especially when you have more then one kitten. The recipe below has the original amounts listed.

2 cups whole goats milk
2 large eggs
5 teaspoons protein powder (from ANIMAL protein sources)
1/4 teaspoon KAL, Inc. Bone Meal *
1 - 2 days worth of cat vitamins (adult dosage) powdered or crushed
100mg Taurine supplement **(if NOT if cat vitamin)

Mix ingredients well (I use my blender)

*Contains per tsp: Calcium 1,500mg
                               Phosphorus 750mg
KAL, Inc. is the bone meal supplement most recommended by Dr. Pitcairn

**Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they are unable to synthesize Taurine (an essential Amino Acid) like humans or dogs, they MUST pull it from their diet (meat). Taruine deficient cats develope dilated cardiomyopathy (a weakening of the heart muscles, which causes an enlarged heart) and blindness. This is another reason why the protein powder must be from animal protein, NOT soy or whey.

I realized today that I kinda jixed myself last week. I was talking with a relief vet at work about this formula, and brought my book in to make her a copy. I told her how I bought so much of the ingredients in the smallest amounts, which is still large when making kitten formula...she said this way I have LOTS extra for when I take in another kitten. I told her that wouldn't happen because I just brought home Raven and didn't have time, energy or money for another animal...yup, that was a stupid thing to say!

Speaking of Raven, she has lost almost a pound already! The goal is 1/2 a pound per week; which doesn't sound like a lot, but for a cat, that is SIGNIFICANT!

I am going to try and upload the x-rays on Willow later this weekend, I don't know if the program that the cd uses to view the x-rays will allow it though...only one way to find out....Ohhhh Todd  :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Smallest Feline is a Masterpiece

Leonardo daVinci spoke these words, and they are SO true!

Today's appointment went wonderfully! I took the kitten to Charleston Veterinary Referral Center,and Dr. Balara saw her, he said even if we did nothing...she would do well!

Of course, we are going to do something. At eight weeks of age we will start bandaging her legs. We will alternate front vs back legs, for 3 - 4 weeks at a time This will help align and support her limbs as well as encourage proper growth. Right now, her limbs are more cartilaginous than anything, and we can rotate them into a more normal position. As "physical therapy", Dr. Balara said to move her legs into proper position, it won't hurt her and may help now.  She won't be normal, not by any means...but we can make life easier for her, and she will get around just fine. Dr. Balara said if surgery is needed, it won't be until MONTHS down the line. He however is VERY optimistic about her. She is a strong little all she needs is a name!

We have some potential names-
  •  Todd suggested "Marie" after Marie Curie, because when she purrs it sounds like a Geiger Counter,
  • My Dad suggested "Willow" because she is the color of a Pussy Willow, and she is so soft
  • People at work suggested "Flipper", and when I said she was a Princess and needs a dignified name, it became "Princess Flipper"
 I wanted to wait until after her appointment with Dr. Balara, but now I have no excuse. She needs a name!

She enjoys sleeping in my hand like this :)

She would SCREAM at me if I tried to move her from this position!
I feel SO much better now that I know she has a good chance! I was so worried that there would be no options, or a VERY expensive option. I almost cried about the good news...I am so attached to this little kitten already.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A special surprise

Today I received a gift from a fellow blogger, Christina, who has been following my stories with Hudson since September (I think). I have appreciated her comments from the beginning, not only because she was the first to follow my blog! I started reading hers because I LOVED her insight, originality, pictures, and projects she posts with her kids. You can read Christina's blog here.
The most AMAZING soap dispenser EVER! Yes, I am that excited over it...

So very true!

The sweetest card I ever received (besides the ones from Todd...)

Hudson has decided he likes the new kitten even more, mostly because she is a messy eater. Also because her bed/cage is warm from the heating pad. I caught him in there sleeping, so I laid her next to him for a "photo op"!
he isn't pleased about the picture taking...

she is so light colored compared to him!
We still need a name for her, but the perfect one hasn't presented itself yet. Her personality is coming out, and she is DEMANDING & INDEPENDENT. She likes to yell at me because she isn't in the position she wants to be in, then gets upset when I help...typical kitten. I swear, besides the fact that they are felines...they really are tiny cats! Right now she is moving all around my stomach while I lay on the recliner, screaming and bucking...just for the fun of it! She doesn't need food, or to go to the bathroom...she just wants to make noise!

Well, I should probably get heading to bed. Tomorrow I will try and make a video of how to bottle feed a kitten! I will also post the formula recipe I use :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have a problem....

I brought home a kitten today...

In my defense; she would not have lasted if left alone, or even brought into another clinic. This kitten has 4 deformed limbs! She is 3 weeks old, and VERY sweet! She eats very well, has fleas, and Hudson even likes her! He was licking her! 

Hudson being sweet!

So far, the plan is for a surgical consultation at the specialist to see what, if anything, can be done. Tomorrow we will call over and hopefully set something up.

I really don't need any more stress, emotionally, physically or financially. However, this kitten made it to 3 weeks of age...who am I to say she cannot live any longer?! Who am I to take away her chance at life, at love?! I would rather take her in, show her love and end up having to euthanize later because I tried and cannot help her. The alternative is not even having a chance to grow, to experience love, to have a fighting chance. I feel everybody- human, canine, feline, equine, reptilian, avian etc. EVERYBODY deserves a chance to live! If in the end, I have to make the hard decision humanly least I can say I tried.

Hudson has been incredibly loving to the kitten...and then he realized what I was doing, I was making his most favorite thing ever...KITTEN FORMULA aka, Hudson Crack! Next thing I know, he was standing on the peanut butter jar (I was snacking, it isn't part of the recipe) that way he could stretch down into the blender (it was off) and lap up the unmixed formula!

You can see her callouses from the abnormal pressure

her feet look upside down

my favorite picture so far!

Cool news article

My Dad sent me an e-mail today with this article, Abandoned Overweight Cat.

It made me happy knowing that first off, Raven isn't the only kitty suffering from obesity (even though I know she isn't!), and second off, Violet (the cat featured) weighed 28 pounds!

I am also happy to see someone else helping an overweight kitty, that would otherwise not make it!

Of course, as I type this and try to relax during my lunch break, Hudson is chewing up the cords to our blinds, chasing Fluff and attacking me for intervening. Now that he is in "time out", he is pulling things through top of the dog crate and eating them (like Abby's bandanna!)What a retard!

Well, time to make some lunch and head back to work!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Onion & Garlic Poisoning in Cats

Being a nerd, I of course do a lot of reading/studying/research on my own, awhile ago I found the Winn Feline Foundation, and get updates from them regularly. It turns out they also have a blogger page! Last week, the topic was regarding Onion and Garlic Poisoning in Cats; one of their comments was warning people to be careful when recommending feeding jarred baby food to cats not eating. The reason is that some varieties of Chicken or Turkey contain Garlic or Onion for flavoring. Garlic and Onion can cause Hemolytic Anemia in Cats, which is anemia resulting from the destruction of red blood cells (RBC's). Earlier the same day the e-mail arrived, I had a sick kitty patient; I told her people that they could offer baby food, but to read the ingredients carefully because they need to avoid the Garlic and Onion because of the risk of Hemolytic Anemia.

That night, I read the e-mail and felt my ego swell just a little bit! It was a good feeling, knowing I was recommending the correct thing for my patients AND that there was a study backing it up!

Here is the link to their blogger page with that post...Winn Feline Foundation

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hudson Pictures and Video!

Hudson was CRAZY this morning. I managed to get a short video of him scaling the back door after his mouse toy, AND of him yodeling! I was so happy he finally yodeled! We have been trying to get him to make some sort of similar noise since we got home from Buffalo last week! It seems Hudson is only vocal late at night, when he is downstairs and wants attention...OR when he it at work, and is upset about being locked in a kennel like some sort of animal!

I also got some cute pictures of Hudson & Emily! This morning, there was a bird on the fence, and Emily was chittering at it; by the time I got my camera the bird left. Em's was still talkative, just not chittering. So I got some video of that too! That one is kinda long though. Todd was still sleeping, so I was indulging my inner crazy cat lady and goofing off with my "kids"!

I also am uploading a video of Raven's sad because it is so hard on her! I cannot wait to record her walking after she loses some weight! Oh yea, my eye is STILL swollen, I am wondering when I should be concerned....oh well!
Emily was chewing on my Strawberry plant!

Huddy looks kinda drunk! I swear, he hasn't had ANY cat nip...
Raven walking

Hudson attacking a towel...

Okay, I can only get these two videos to upload...I will try and get the others in a separate blog post later. Or on Youtube...then I can embed them in my blog (thanks again Christina for showing me how!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I feel the need to step up on my figurative soap box for a moment....

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people that rehome (or even euthanize) for simple I see a lot is allergies. Being allergic to the animal.

I am allergic to BOTH cats and dogs. I went to an allergist on my 18th Birthday for serum testing, and tested positive for Canine, Feline, various weeds, pollens, grasses, Cockroaches, Dust Mites & Shrimp (which really bites!)

I used to take an antihistamine on a daily basis, but now take them as needed. I did the desensitization injections for a few weeks, but soon became frustrated because the nurses seemed for forget about me during the mandatory 30 minute wait after each injection. I stopped going. Overtime, just my normal exposure to cats and dogs decreased my sensitivity. I didn't listen to my Allergist, and allowed my cats and dogs in my room. I didn't change careers like he recommended either (obviously).

Now it seems only certain animals set my allergies off bad. True Oriental Cats (vs the "American Siamese") REALLY  make me sneeze and itch. Really short haired dogs (Pit Bulls, Boxers, etc.) make me break out in hives, and of course, Shar-Pei, EVERYONE breaks out when touching them!

Well, apparently I am VERY VERY allergic to Raven. Not only am I sneezing like crazy, my throat is all sore and itchy, my left eye is VERY swollen and runny, but I also have hives all around my eye!

Todd, being the amazing man he is, went to go get my some eye drops. I managed to lose mine, and of course the ONE eye medication I don't have is the triple antibiotic w/ steroid drops. I have just about every other type of eye medication for my animals. I was thinking about going with him, but am worried I might scare the employees of our local Walgreen's off!
Well, time for bed...the oral antihistamine is kicking in and Todd just got back with my eye drops.

Friday, July 1, 2011 I need a hole in my head

The start of that phrase for me is "I need another cat..."

So what did I do today...I brought home a cat to foster. In my defense, I am FOSTERING her because this kitty weighs 22 lbs 8.5 oz and is unable to make it into her litterbox! She simply weighs too much to move around, she has labored breathing while resting and cannot support herself simply standing up! Sadly, the owners were considering euthanasia because of the stress they are already under while caring for an elderly family member. The thought of euthanasia because a cat is simply obese is mind blowing, I couldn't allow it to happen; I would rather take the cat than allow her to be euthanized. I voiced this to the Dr, who mentioned to the owner when the subject of euthanasia was brought up. The owner said he would speak with his wife and get back to me. I gave them my cell number and told him to call with any questions. About 2 hours later, I heard from his wife. She feels horrible for Raven (the cat) and doesn't want to seem like she is "throwing" her cat away. I told her, I would rather take the cat in, get the weight off and then find a new home or give her back. After talking for awhile about the secondary complications of obesity in cats, along with the complications of rapid weight loss, we decided on me taking Raven in for awhile and helping her lose enough weight that she can climb in and out of the litter box.
Raven before her bath...

I drew some blood to send to the lab, we want to make sure there isn't any underlying metabolic disorders such as kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes. I am also checking for Feline Leukemia and FIV. Since cats over 10 years are prone to Urinary Tract Infections, and Raven is obese which increases that risk even more, we are starting her on antibiotics appropriate for UTI's. We are also unable to get a sterile urine sample because she is so big, and wouldn't be able to breathe on her back to obtain a sample....I am hoping the bloodwork doesn't show anything too severe, such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes can be managed, and some cats can actually "self regulate" and  no longer need insulin

We are putting Raven on a canned prescription diet, to promote weight loss, while keeping her satiated. Canned food in general is good for healthy weight loss, because it is high in protein and moisture while staying low in carbohydrates. It is jokingly referred to the "Catkins" diet because of this. As much as I don't like prescription diets, the Hills r/d is high in fiber which allows for less calories to be consumed while keeping the cat "full". At this point, the risk of diabetes, severe osteoarthritis, heart disease and hypertension outweigh the risk of eating a diet full of pork-by-products and corn meal.

I am currently getting our room set up for Raven to stay in, while Hudson and Emily complain in the hallway. Abby is following EVERY step I take, because we have a SEVERE thunderstorm! The power flashed out a few times, and the wind/lightning is unbelievable. Todd text me that they have hail on the other end of town where he works!

Here are two more Raven pictures, after we brushed her and took pictures, she got a bath. Turns out, I am allergic to her (well, to her's BAD because she cannot groom!) and I broke out in hives, and am currently stuffed up!
from the side

Birds Eye view

I guess I should get back to setting up the room, then I should study some! I wanted to take pictures of my garden with my newest toy (my Kate-proof camera) but the weather changed my plans :(