My philosphy

My philosphy

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I feel the need to step up on my figurative soap box for a moment....

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people that rehome (or even euthanize) for simple I see a lot is allergies. Being allergic to the animal.

I am allergic to BOTH cats and dogs. I went to an allergist on my 18th Birthday for serum testing, and tested positive for Canine, Feline, various weeds, pollens, grasses, Cockroaches, Dust Mites & Shrimp (which really bites!)

I used to take an antihistamine on a daily basis, but now take them as needed. I did the desensitization injections for a few weeks, but soon became frustrated because the nurses seemed for forget about me during the mandatory 30 minute wait after each injection. I stopped going. Overtime, just my normal exposure to cats and dogs decreased my sensitivity. I didn't listen to my Allergist, and allowed my cats and dogs in my room. I didn't change careers like he recommended either (obviously).

Now it seems only certain animals set my allergies off bad. True Oriental Cats (vs the "American Siamese") REALLY  make me sneeze and itch. Really short haired dogs (Pit Bulls, Boxers, etc.) make me break out in hives, and of course, Shar-Pei, EVERYONE breaks out when touching them!

Well, apparently I am VERY VERY allergic to Raven. Not only am I sneezing like crazy, my throat is all sore and itchy, my left eye is VERY swollen and runny, but I also have hives all around my eye!

Todd, being the amazing man he is, went to go get my some eye drops. I managed to lose mine, and of course the ONE eye medication I don't have is the triple antibiotic w/ steroid drops. I have just about every other type of eye medication for my animals. I was thinking about going with him, but am worried I might scare the employees of our local Walgreen's off!
Well, time for bed...the oral antihistamine is kicking in and Todd just got back with my eye drops.

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  1. You're a kitty goddess, you know. I had to break up a cat fight tonight. Ahhh, the joy of itching bloody scratches up and down my arm is nothing compared to sneezing and eyes watering!
    Hang in there, Kate - Raven is VERY lucky. PS our grumpy cat was headed BACK to the shelter for a bad attitude-someone asked to borrow my carrier to take her, I said, "I'll let you use it only if I get to take her home."
    Sending you dander free good vibes!!!