My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cool news article

My Dad sent me an e-mail today with this article, Abandoned Overweight Cat.

It made me happy knowing that first off, Raven isn't the only kitty suffering from obesity (even though I know she isn't!), and second off, Violet (the cat featured) weighed 28 pounds!

I am also happy to see someone else helping an overweight kitty, that would otherwise not make it!

Of course, as I type this and try to relax during my lunch break, Hudson is chewing up the cords to our blinds, chasing Fluff and attacking me for intervening. Now that he is in "time out", he is pulling things through top of the dog crate and eating them (like Abby's bandanna!)What a retard!

Well, time to make some lunch and head back to work!

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