My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guilty of guilting....

I totally guilted Todd last night into letting me buy a kinda expensive text book I have been eying for awhile on The book is Small Animal Pediatrics, and I found it awhile ago. I LOVE the "Look Inside" option, and am guilty of reading the sample text a few times...I figured this book would be helpful considering the numerous neonate kittens I manage to find and foster, especially more so because of Willow. I tried looking in our radiology books at work to compare her films to, and found nothing. I am also concerned with having to sedate her and bandage her legs, and really want more information about neonates and anesthesia specifically.

I didn't mean to guilt Todd, I swear! Last night we were looking online for tickets for a concert in October (we are seeing Weird Al in North Carolina!!) and only the VIP/Special seating tickets are for sale. Since we aren't paying THAT much for tickets, I asked about getting this book instead. Todd jokingly made a remark about how it was just HIS Birthday, and how he should be ordering something (granted he received PLENTY of cash and gift cards for his B-day, and has pre-ordered a few games already...). Somewhat serious, but mostly kidding...I told him that I wanted to book to reference while Willow was under anesthesia, during bandaging and recovering, and if anything happened to her and we couldn't help because we didn't have the text to reference to, it was on him. Well, after saying it I immediately felt bad, but Todd said yes!

About 10 minutes later, I apologized and told Todd I felt like I guilted him; he said not to worry, but I did guilt him a little! So we ordered the book, with 2 day shipping! I have wanted this book for awhile now, and cannot wait to read it. I am SUCH a nerd!

In the mean time, I printed 6 different articles pertaining to kittens with twisted legs (thanks again Christina for the links) including the one Dr. Balara sent us. I LOVE having a "game plan" and want to know more about how to fix Willow. Hopefully next week we can start bandaging! She will be 6 weeks old this week, but I want my book in before we start. Dr. Balara said between 6 - 8 weeks of age is ideal. I already cannot believe how big Willow is now ♥ She now weighs just over half a pound (9oz)!

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