My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, July 29, 2011

Huddy being held and Raven update

Hudson was letting me hold him yesterday morning...and he was purring! This is HUGE for me, because recently he has been upset due to Raven being in our room. He hasn't been in the bedroom for 4 weeks now, and he is quite upset!

Speaking of Raven, here is video of her playing! ♥ She has been doing SO well, playing and grooming, that she went back to her home today! Her parents picked her up and I explained everything I have been doing to promote healthy weight loss

Willow now has her own Facebook page, and e-mail account! I want to help spread the word on kittens born with twisted limbs,  how they are normal otherwise and quite deserving of life ♥
you can e-mail at
OR visit her facebook page

Hopefully I will get my pediatric text book in, and we will start bandaging next week!

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  1. What great news for Raven! I'm so happy for her owners and hope they keep it up, too - you're a great mom all around! I'll show the biggest Willow Fan her new video, too! Soo adorable - I love it, just a like a kid, "HEY! I'm over HERE!!!" Lovely, she is just lovely.
    So glad Hudson has "forgiven" you for your abilities to love so huge - he's learning it, and it shows in his Love for Willow - big boy with a huge heart.