My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hudson Pictures and Video!

Hudson was CRAZY this morning. I managed to get a short video of him scaling the back door after his mouse toy, AND of him yodeling! I was so happy he finally yodeled! We have been trying to get him to make some sort of similar noise since we got home from Buffalo last week! It seems Hudson is only vocal late at night, when he is downstairs and wants attention...OR when he it at work, and is upset about being locked in a kennel like some sort of animal!

I also got some cute pictures of Hudson & Emily! This morning, there was a bird on the fence, and Emily was chittering at it; by the time I got my camera the bird left. Em's was still talkative, just not chittering. So I got some video of that too! That one is kinda long though. Todd was still sleeping, so I was indulging my inner crazy cat lady and goofing off with my "kids"!

I also am uploading a video of Raven's sad because it is so hard on her! I cannot wait to record her walking after she loses some weight! Oh yea, my eye is STILL swollen, I am wondering when I should be concerned....oh well!
Emily was chewing on my Strawberry plant!

Huddy looks kinda drunk! I swear, he hasn't had ANY cat nip...
Raven walking

Hudson attacking a towel...

Okay, I can only get these two videos to upload...I will try and get the others in a separate blog post later. Or on Youtube...then I can embed them in my blog (thanks again Christina for showing me how!)

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  1. You're so welcome and I can't wait to see them in action!
    Raven is surrounded by love - and love heals. One step at a time: )
    I love the drunk photo!!!! He looks sneaky kinda there, too a little crittery smile. Or is that a smirk???