My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, July 1, 2011 I need a hole in my head

The start of that phrase for me is "I need another cat..."

So what did I do today...I brought home a cat to foster. In my defense, I am FOSTERING her because this kitty weighs 22 lbs 8.5 oz and is unable to make it into her litterbox! She simply weighs too much to move around, she has labored breathing while resting and cannot support herself simply standing up! Sadly, the owners were considering euthanasia because of the stress they are already under while caring for an elderly family member. The thought of euthanasia because a cat is simply obese is mind blowing, I couldn't allow it to happen; I would rather take the cat than allow her to be euthanized. I voiced this to the Dr, who mentioned to the owner when the subject of euthanasia was brought up. The owner said he would speak with his wife and get back to me. I gave them my cell number and told him to call with any questions. About 2 hours later, I heard from his wife. She feels horrible for Raven (the cat) and doesn't want to seem like she is "throwing" her cat away. I told her, I would rather take the cat in, get the weight off and then find a new home or give her back. After talking for awhile about the secondary complications of obesity in cats, along with the complications of rapid weight loss, we decided on me taking Raven in for awhile and helping her lose enough weight that she can climb in and out of the litter box.
Raven before her bath...

I drew some blood to send to the lab, we want to make sure there isn't any underlying metabolic disorders such as kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes. I am also checking for Feline Leukemia and FIV. Since cats over 10 years are prone to Urinary Tract Infections, and Raven is obese which increases that risk even more, we are starting her on antibiotics appropriate for UTI's. We are also unable to get a sterile urine sample because she is so big, and wouldn't be able to breathe on her back to obtain a sample....I am hoping the bloodwork doesn't show anything too severe, such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes can be managed, and some cats can actually "self regulate" and  no longer need insulin

We are putting Raven on a canned prescription diet, to promote weight loss, while keeping her satiated. Canned food in general is good for healthy weight loss, because it is high in protein and moisture while staying low in carbohydrates. It is jokingly referred to the "Catkins" diet because of this. As much as I don't like prescription diets, the Hills r/d is high in fiber which allows for less calories to be consumed while keeping the cat "full". At this point, the risk of diabetes, severe osteoarthritis, heart disease and hypertension outweigh the risk of eating a diet full of pork-by-products and corn meal.

I am currently getting our room set up for Raven to stay in, while Hudson and Emily complain in the hallway. Abby is following EVERY step I take, because we have a SEVERE thunderstorm! The power flashed out a few times, and the wind/lightning is unbelievable. Todd text me that they have hail on the other end of town where he works!

Here are two more Raven pictures, after we brushed her and took pictures, she got a bath. Turns out, I am allergic to her (well, to her's BAD because she cannot groom!) and I broke out in hives, and am currently stuffed up!
from the side

Birds Eye view

I guess I should get back to setting up the room, then I should study some! I wanted to take pictures of my garden with my newest toy (my Kate-proof camera) but the weather changed my plans :(

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  1. wow, Kate. You are amazing. We had a cat that was severely overweight. She gained it after losing a kidney. I don't know anything about the process used by pros to help with weight loss, but I currently have a picky fattish cat (the gray one) and I've finally found a "moist" food that she will eat, twice a day, and not be begging for junk. I honestly don't know how great it is, I've searched for reviews, but it is in the cooler section of the grocery store and is called Fresh Pet Select. Prior to finding this, she would turn her nose up at anything that wasn't junk. Whoever had her before kept her on crap dry food. She has lost some weight, slowly, I tether her for sun time, she can climb the fence, so I can't risk it. Anyway, it's helped her manage her weight without stress.
    I'm so happy you're willing to go through hives for Raven - sure, she has no idea, but I bet she will be feeling the vibes of your loving. Goodness knows, Hudson will probably chase her enough to shed a few ounces!
    Let us know if there's anything we can do to help!