My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Needing some Healing Thoughts

Today has been a VERY emotionally stressful day, at least since lunch time. I clocked out to feed Willow, and found her lethargic, twitching and unresponsive. At first glance, we thought she was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). Dr Graham said give her some Dextrose by mouth, and heat support. The twitching got better, but Willow was still unresponsive. We decided to draw a drop of blood and check her blood sugar, it was too high to read. Dr Graham said that the Dextrose would not spike the blood sugar that high that fast. Dr Chavis and Dr Graham examined and palpated Willow, trying to figure out what caused her to crash so quickly. She was fine yesterday and this morning...she even pooped (she had been constipated). They said regardless of the diagnosis, the prognosis is grim...because she is so small, drug doses are literally one drop, and her fluid needs are 5mL's per day! Since we had such a difficult time drawing that one drop of blood, we opted to place an intrasseous catheter (see picture below)
Dr Graham pretty much placed a needle into her Femur to administer fluids and an other injections. The plan is to give 0.5mL's of fluid every hour. We also started her on 3 different injectable antibiotics because Dr Graham and Dr Chavis think she is septic. About 1 1/2 hours after starting treatment, she seemed to get worse. Her respiratory rate increased significantly, she was hyper-salivating, showing neurological signs and hyper-reactive to stimuli. Dr Chavis and I decided that if by the time we are ready to leave for the day, Willow hadn't improved we would euthanize her. We didn't want her to suffer, but we also wanted to give her a chance. By 5:30 there was no change, so Dr Chavis and I started discussing the best way to give the injection....all of a sudden Willow started being VERY vocal, and was moving around. I pulled her out of the carrier, and she was more responsive than she had been all afternoon. Dr Graham confirmed that she looked better. We are not out of the woods yet though. I am continuing heat support over night, giving the 0.5mL's of fluid EVERY HOUR, one injection every 6 hours, and the other two every 12 hours! We will see how she is tomorrow. 

As I type this, Willow is laying on my chest, purring. Now purring is not always a sign of contentment in cats, some believe it may be a "self comforting" act, or if painful....but her respiratory rate has decreased, and she is sleeping while curled up vs laying on her side like earlier. 

All I can do is continue this care through out the night and hope for the best. Only time will tell. I don't want to lose her, but won't allow her to suffer either.

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  1. Oh Heavens! My knees got weak, you're an angel - great love to all of you. what a team - I hope your night goes smoothly, Kate, she knows more than we do, and she can heal, our prayers are all around you and Angels, too!