My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Onion & Garlic Poisoning in Cats

Being a nerd, I of course do a lot of reading/studying/research on my own, awhile ago I found the Winn Feline Foundation, and get updates from them regularly. It turns out they also have a blogger page! Last week, the topic was regarding Onion and Garlic Poisoning in Cats; one of their comments was warning people to be careful when recommending feeding jarred baby food to cats not eating. The reason is that some varieties of Chicken or Turkey contain Garlic or Onion for flavoring. Garlic and Onion can cause Hemolytic Anemia in Cats, which is anemia resulting from the destruction of red blood cells (RBC's). Earlier the same day the e-mail arrived, I had a sick kitty patient; I told her people that they could offer baby food, but to read the ingredients carefully because they need to avoid the Garlic and Onion because of the risk of Hemolytic Anemia.

That night, I read the e-mail and felt my ego swell just a little bit! It was a good feeling, knowing I was recommending the correct thing for my patients AND that there was a study backing it up!

Here is the link to their blogger page with that post...Winn Feline Foundation


  1. Kate - you're really great at all of this - keep it up!!!! I never knew that about garlic and onion, we used to get baby food for one of our dogs, is it safe for them?
    I have a question: my cat gets these little bumps along her spine, they come and go, but they are weird. I have to keep her ears really clean, she has the cat ear thing for life that can turn to cancer if not taken care of, and occasionally they are so bad I have to use Animax in them. Any wild cures you've heard of?
    Thanks for the heads up! I will read everything now!

  2. Same goes for Dogs and Onion ingestion!

    I am not about the bumps along your kitties spine, that sounds strange. Maybe some kind of allergic response?
    As for the ears, a vet I used to work for bought her practice from a vet that practiced Chinese/Holistic medicine...she came in once for an ear flush under sedation on a cat and to surgically remove via laser some small growths down in the ear canal. This cat had chronic ear infections its whole life, and the vet said it was food allergy related. She strongly believed that nutrition effected EVERYTHING in the body and the poor quality foods were detrimental. I am not sure if something similar is happening w/ your kitty.

    Diet changes hardly ever cause more harm than good...what type of food does your kitty eat now?