My philosphy

My philosphy

Friday, July 15, 2011

So Smart!

I figured it out, I am so proud!

To make it easier to know what you are looking at. R means "right side". DV means Dorsal Ventral, which is a positional/directional term, the patient is laying on their "stomach" ventral, with the dorsal aspect, think "dorsal fin" facing up. VD is the opposite, Ventral Dorsal, which  means the patient is on their back, dorsal aspect, with their stomach facing up, ventral aspect. Depending on what the image is for, determines how to position. Universally, when laying laterally (on their side) the right side is always down. VD is used standard vs DV, but sometimes DV is more comfortable for the patient. Also, when taking radiographs to evaluate the heart/lung field in a heartworm positive animal, DV is used.

These images are small...but so is Willow! If I can find a way to zoom and save that, I can try and upload them again later. Also, her bones/joints looks horrible, but remember...she is young, she needs to grow. They are also more "rubbery" or cartilaginous than hard bone. I will definitely be taking radiographs in the future, and will upload those as well!

Willow's chest, we were trying to get a view of her shoulder blades

A "cat-o-gram" aka, full body image. She has LOTS of gas in her tummy, we are not sure why.

Her rear limbs

Again, but "frog legged"


  1. woa-that is intense to see close up like that (it expands when you click on it). That IS a lot of gas, hmmm, how do you handle that one? She's really, really lucky to have you, Raven too little diet-girl! Hudson has sisters now, such a great loving brother, too.
    I don't know how the binding works, but I'm so glad to hear she's young enough it can really help over time - Kate, you are Super Woman!

  2. AHHHH! here they are - dang! She is doing great!!!!