My philosphy

My philosphy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A special surprise

Today I received a gift from a fellow blogger, Christina, who has been following my stories with Hudson since September (I think). I have appreciated her comments from the beginning, not only because she was the first to follow my blog! I started reading hers because I LOVED her insight, originality, pictures, and projects she posts with her kids. You can read Christina's blog here.
The most AMAZING soap dispenser EVER! Yes, I am that excited over it...

So very true!

The sweetest card I ever received (besides the ones from Todd...)

Hudson has decided he likes the new kitten even more, mostly because she is a messy eater. Also because her bed/cage is warm from the heating pad. I caught him in there sleeping, so I laid her next to him for a "photo op"!
he isn't pleased about the picture taking...

she is so light colored compared to him!
We still need a name for her, but the perfect one hasn't presented itself yet. Her personality is coming out, and she is DEMANDING & INDEPENDENT. She likes to yell at me because she isn't in the position she wants to be in, then gets upset when I help...typical kitten. I swear, besides the fact that they are felines...they really are tiny cats! Right now she is moving all around my stomach while I lay on the recliner, screaming and bucking...just for the fun of it! She doesn't need food, or to go to the bathroom...she just wants to make noise!

Well, I should probably get heading to bed. Tomorrow I will try and make a video of how to bottle feed a kitten! I will also post the formula recipe I use :)

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  1. It is so perfect to see the dispenser with you - it all makes sense now, Kate!!!
    I am so honored! I'm in a blog post with Hudson!!!! It is such an amazing gift to get to send things to you - I care about all of you very much, and still don't know how I found your blog - I just know it is the best gift the Universe could have given to us! (I bet Hudson was trolling my dreams one night and sent me here - he would be able to pull that off!)
    I hope the kitty is doing great! Though I don't know any names, I was pondering if there is a girl form of Hudson-since she has some traits, and he clearly loves her so very much! You're a Stellar Mama, Todd: you are doing an excellent Daddy role - most men would be four square against it - you ROCK, too, you know! Love Light Bliss and Happiness to all of you - and more soon!!! Thank you for all you do Kate, Christina!