My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer cleaning/Blog changes

I have exploring all around Blogger, and have been updating/rearranging my blog!

I took advice from another blogger I follow about utilizing "Labels" or "Tags" for each post, and have been going through EVERY post to add these in. So it will be easier to navigate for specific posts (like Willow, or Hudson related...however Hudson's label would be better named "Destruction"). I also added videos from my YouTube page, and need to upload more to my channel!

I also plan to closely follow Willow's bandaging over the next few months, and will update with lots of pictures. I will try to blog regularly during the Fall, which will be harder due to school. It is still up in the air about me starting the Vet Tech program this Fall. Once my Summer final grades post, and my GPA is adequate...I need to wait for someone to drop out! The program is full! However, I do work with one of the faculty teachers in the program, and he told me if anyone drops out, they will try their hardest to get me in.

Either way I will be taking classes this Fall, anywhere from 3 - 5 depending on if I start the Vet Tech program or not.

On another note, I received the absolute sweetest e-mail today about Willow from a 7 year old who saw her video, and I wanted to copy and paste here so I can share it -

"I like the kitten.  It's too bad that Willow has twisted limbs.  And I would like to see Willow's limbs back to normal.  Hudson is the most nicest cat in the world.  Because Willow is so cute I'm  glad that Hudson takes care of Willow.  And I'm glad that you take care of Willow, too!!"

I read this e-mail with the biggest smile♥

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  1. So intrigued, I think Willow has a distant relative (or really FIVE) here!!!

    School will work out, right on time. The universe hasn't messed up any good things yet. Maybe Willow will need you around, there's always more great times coming : )