My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hudson did "it" again!

Guess what "it" is...go ahead, guess.


I got home last night, and there was cloves of Garlic all over the floor! It was chewed on, smashed, clawed up....just all around destroyed! A whole head of Garlic, gone! Our house smelled like an Italian eatery.

I happened to be on the phone with my Mom when I got home, so I had to rush off the phone and call one of the vets from work.

I got a hold of Dr Chavis, her greeting was "oh no..."

"Idiot cat got into something, wanna guess who I am talking about?!"

She knew immediately I was talking about Hudson.  She hopped on VIN (Veterinary Information Network) to research Garlic Toxicity in Cats. We know it can cause Hemolytic Anemia, but needed to know how much and how to treat. Thankfully she found a post almost identical to our situation, and they were able to manage conservatively. The plan was for me to head to the Clinic, and pick up some Endosorb to give every 4 hours (to absorb the toxins), and for me to start him on Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C, we figured for the antioxidant properties) and to run a CBC in the morning and make sure his red blood cell count (RBC) was normal. If Hudson got worse overnight I would have to take him to the emergency clinic.

Thankfully he did fine, because it was bad enough that I had been up since 5:30, had class all morning, worked that afternoon, had to get up at 12 and 4 am to medicate Hudson, and wake up again at 5:30 to repeat.

I dropped him off at work on my way to class, and we got the bloodwork results back from the lab by 4pm! His RBC markers were actually slightly elevated, so no Hemolytic Anemia!

We cannot forget about Willow during all of this excitement. We took some radiographs of her yesterday (Tuesday) after her bandage change. Her legs look better externally, however her x-rays...WOW! We sent them off to the radiology specialist, and the surgeon that saw her originally. The radiologist didn't tell us much more than we already knew, but suggested bloodwork to rule out any metabolic or endocrine disease. We are still waiting to hear back from Dr. Balara (the surgeon). 

Here are her radiographs, click here for the post about her first radiographs and some basic terminology.

A VD view of her pelvis and lower limbs

Same as above

A lateral view of her rear limbs

same as above

a AP view of her front limbs (AP = Anterior/Posterior.Same thing as VD, but different terminology for the limbs)

A left lateral of her front limb

A right lateral of her right limb

The feline skeleton

We kept the bandages off overnight to allow the skin to dry and some of the irritation from the tape to subside. I took Willow to class today since Dr. Graham teaches Nutrition at school, and he has been bandaging her legs for me. After class, we bandaged all four legs. She gets around SO well considering. Maybe one of these days when I am not so busy, I will take some video and upload it here! We MAY have a diagnosis that fits Willow's problems though, we will draw blood Friday (once we know how much can safely be drawn with out causing anemia) and test for this disorder. Once we get the results, I will post an update :)

I really don't know when I won't be so busy. We have our first quiz in A&P tomorrow morning, today I had to go over last weeks lecture with a student who was out due to tonsillitis. Our instructor, who I work with, called me Tuesday after class and asked me to sit down with this student and help her. I think that was such a good compliment, about my knowledge and personality♥ it made my day that he called to ask ME. In addition to basic studying, I am working on my projects for A&P and Animal Breeds & Husbandry. The first project is about a disease process, I chose what Cole has, Hypoparathyroidism. The second is a breed of our choice, I chose the Sphynx. I am doing a powerpoint presentation for both projects. I also have some extra credit assignments due by Friday morning for my Microbiology class. In the meantime, I need to sleep, eat, take care of our animals/house (even though Todd is doing most of it...) and want to research the disorder Willow might have!

So much to do, so little time! Good night♥


  1. Wow. Is your head spinning? Keep going!!! Live this life to the fullest and keep enjoying it! Love you, love you, love you!!! Mom

  2. Okay - I love this post! BUT - I feel stupid! Are her legs better in the new x-rays? they look like it to me - but what do I know?!
    How are you holding up? When I get overwhelmed with school here (two schools now! whew!) I come to your posts to feel better about how crazy it is.
    So proud of you, Kate - so happy for you, too! I'll go check the old post, to see if I'm a total dufuss!