My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yet again, I have been so caught up with school work I haven't posted.  I also had a rough weekend. Four weeks to the date of euthanize Fluff, I came home from a friends house Saturday night and my "problem child" Cole had passed away. He had a massive seizure and died. I am still in shock because he was doing so well. Cole had a lot of health problems, but since we diagnosed his Hypoparathryoidism and found a correlation between his seizures and his low thyroid level....his medications were adjusted and he was GREAT!

I have always said with Cole, that I knew his time on this Earth won't be as long as the rest of us, but while he was here I would show him love and make sure he was happy and healthy. Which is exactly what I did. I also said when his time was up, I wanted to do a necropsy (autopsy), to find out if he even had a Thyroid gland!

So when I got home at almost 1 am and found him in his crate, I was in shock. Todd wasn't home yet, so I called him...once I heard his voice, I started to cry. I called my parents as Dad and his girlfriend were able to come right over, and helped us get Cole to the clinic. I didn't go to bed until 3am, and woke up at 7am. I spoke with Dr Chavis, the amazing vet who has been helping with Cole, and we scheduled his necropsy for that afternoon. I asked my BFF Sadie from work to be there with me. I gave Todd the option of being there, and understand his decision to not remember Cole like that. This was for me, this was my way of getting closure. Unlike Fluff, where I made the decision to euthanize because I knew she was sick, and didn't want her to suffer...this was so sudden, and I NEEDED and answer.

I won't go into the details of the necropsy, I am sure no one else wants to hear them. I was okay during it though, I did cry...but I knew he was gone, and even in death was teaching me. The body is an amazing machine, and even though I have seen necropsy's and have preformed dissections, it is still amazing to look at. I did learn a bit more about Cole, and we had to send some tissue out for pathology. Dr Chavis thinks Cole had an immune mediated thyroid problem.  Pretty much the body decides to attack itself, not recognizing that it's own structures are under siege; ie: Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), the immune system attacks the Red Blood Cells (RBC's), destroying them (hemolytic = RBC destruction) and therefore causing anemia. It makes sense that Cole's immune system could be attacking the Thyroid gland, because he more than tripled his thyroid supplement dose and developed Hypoparathyrodism (the parathyroid gland is located beside the thyroid). On necropsy, we could not definitively find the Thyroid we sent off the surrounding tissue to confirm.

In the end, I want an answer. Obviously this answer will not change how we treated Cole, and we did do EVERYTHING we could for him. I know that I found him BECAUSE I would go to great lengths to diagnose and  treat Cole. Eventually though, his Thyroid would have to shut down, you can only supplement something that isn't working for so long.

I miss him terribly, but know that before he died...he was happy. He was a normal dog!

Here are some pictures from a few years back. My friend Becca and I took our dogs out to a local beach for the morning, they had fun. Her dog Harmonie is the Great Dane. Abby is the fuzzy wet dog at the bottom, she is my old lady (15 years old)

Cole wasn't really allowed off his leash...he tried to leave with other people....

Me and my Cole Man

He LOVED the sand dunes

He also loved Harmonie

This is my ALL TIME favorite picture of Cole
Abby, after swimming in a tide pool!


  1. Kate - I don't know what to say - there aren't words that have worked for us when our beloved friends have left us. I feel your pain, I have been there so many times, and I admire your courage to get answers. He is so blessed, being with you. . .we are sending you love, light and peace - you are a great Mama, my friend.