My philosphy

My philosphy

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Box....

Last Summer, I needed a cardboard box to pack up some things. The one I happened to bring home from work had holes in it, so when I walked through the door...Todd thought I brought home a live animal! After some reassurance that the box was for packing books, I showed him it was empty and put it down. Hudson then came tearing across the room, jumped into the box, and well...the rest is history!

Willow in "The Box"

I have not been able to throw that damn box away! Every time I mess with it, Hudson gets upset. I like to just lay down on the floor, place my head inside the box, and watch his anger grow! I am not kidding at all either; he will circle the box, stand on me, stand on it, swat my face...until I get out of his box!

The box is also Hudson's "Sanctuary", whenever he gets yelled at (for beating up Willow, getting on the table, getting on the counter, beating up Emily, harassing the dogs, etc) this is where he runs to! As if we cannot see him, or access him. He also just hangs out in there, almost like a kid playing "pretend" in a refrigerator box.

Willow has also learned to love the box! She spends a lot of time in there, usually when Hudson is locked up. He doesn't like her in it either!

She *was* sleeping, until I came along...oops!
I guess I could always throw the damn thing away, but at the end of the day, it makes them happy! So what if I have a random cardboard box floating around the house, if we had would be colored all over, with stickers & glitter. At least the cats just chew on the flaps, that is all the "decorating" they are capable of!

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