My philosphy

My philosphy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Willow's First Christmas, A Picture Story

Yesterday Todd and I went to my Dad's house to spend Christmas Eve with him and his girlfriend, and decided Willow should come along (Hudson came last year). This is her first Christmas after all, and she needed to experience...
The Tree...

She loved it!
The presents...

She tried to eat them!
Except Peanut, she was afraid of him...he talked

And somehow, these guys were okay!
Willow eventually escaped from her shirt, hid behind the couch, and refused to come out until food was offered, or the "torture" ceased....

She had fun with my Dad, even though she growled a lot!

He still loves her though ♥
I tried to counteract the moonshine eggnog with coffee!

Then Willow & I scared the hell out of each other♥
So I had to bribe her love with Kitty Kibbles!
 *Yes, I had Christmas Bows around my ears & around my head yesterday! That was long before the moonshine eggnog, and makes sense if you know me...that's just how I roll ; )

Today will be spent cooking, cleaning, spending time with some of Todd's family, my Mom, and good friends.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kate & Todd (the people)
Abby & Logan(the dogs)
Emily, Hudson & Willow (the cats)

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