My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, December 19, 2011

Willow's portrait & her busy day

Last month, after a particularly stressful day, I found out I won a contest featured on a blog I follow. Peanut Butter Fingers is an amazing blog that I read daily. The contest was for a hand painted portrait of the winners choice, done by a student graduating Art School soon. To enter, you just left a comment about what your portrait would be of, and Julie (of PB fingers) used a random number generator to pick a comment.

So I was put in touch with Meredith who would do the portrait, sent her a bunch of pictures of Willow, along with her special story and a few weeks later....

...this came in the mail!
   *the picture was taken directly after dinner, so Willow was cleaning her leg and could not be bothered with picture taking. We actually tried to take this *before* dinner, but Willow was FURIOUS that she wasn't eating! She is such a character!

This picture cracks me up! You can tell neither of us are happy with the other ;)

Willow also came to work with me yesterday, she was "requested" by an amazing client of ours! Her family brought us all kinds of homemade goodies to snack on at work (cookies, fudge, cake, hot cocoa mix!) and her kids really wanted to play with Willow! They also brought her a toy, because she was spayed last month :)Willow had a blast with them, and apparently smacked the husband because he touched her back leg! She is not afraid to tell you what she doesn't like! She hits me a lot when I have to mess with her, or move her. Willow is one *independent* woman!!

Willow's newest toy!

She REALLY REALLY likes it :)
Willow spent the night playing with her toy, while snuggled up on my lap as Todd  & I watched the season finale of Terra Nova. On a side note, I am super sad the season is over, but it is prob. for the best...I tend to spend more time watching tv than studying, and next semester will need full attention!

So this morning, while I was slowly waking up, I got some cute pictures of Willow. However, I managed to delete them instead of transferring to my computer! I did manage to get another cute one of her, and one of Emily.
Willow LOVES the fuzzy blanket, and my pink robe, just not picture taking!

Emily, my first "crooked leg" cat.
You can kinda see it in this picture, Emily's right front foot is crooked. She was hit by a car at 10 weeks of age, and was brought into the clinic I was working at. Emily is such a sweet cat, and Willow looks very  much like her, but with less white! Emily is about 7 years old now, and I have had to save her life a few times. She has already used up 2 or 3 of her 9 lives!

Of course we needed a picture of Hudson up here! I am surprised I was able to get one of him sitting still! And speaking of Hudson....there will be a Hudson only post coming up soon, with more details of everything he ate & had removed from his stomach! We also have a "game plan" for ruling out some crazy medical problem for his pica...which means lots of $$$

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