My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long awaited update...

Oh geez, I haven't updated this in forever!

This semester is just flying by, it's already spring break! I am taking 4 classes, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Techniques II & Preceptorship. So far I have been doing awesome in my classes; except for 1 failing test grade...don't *EVER* take a test that requires 6 questions to be correctly answered by a formula, when you have 30 minutes to take a test and get to work...and you work 20 minutes away! But I am over that now (can't ya tell...!)

Besides school, the animals are keeping me busy - as always.

Willow ate some toys and vomited them up (thankfully!)

Hudson was blamed at first for the toy eating...and his name was cleared when Willow brought her toys back. Sadly Huddy is always "guilty until proven innocent". Hudson also had some blood drawn to run a GI panel, in hopes of finding something outta whack to explain his strange eating habits. That was quite the challenge, he *HATES* sitting still, and the way we restrained him last time didn't work! We got creative and got the blood :) and after all of that...the bloodwork was normal! Back to the drawing board for him. I want to take him to our local Veterinary Neurologist and have him diagnosed as mentally retarded...or with ADHD!

Abby (my 16 year old spaniel mix) went to the Veterinary Dental Specialist on Friday, we originally went for sedation and dental radiographs, but once we found the reason for her pain and hesitation to eat, we ended up extracting both of her upper 4th pre-molars (the big "chewing" teeth). She is doing MUCH better now, and eating well!

So far I have spent my spring break doing *nothing* and it's wonderful! I am doing some wedding planning, even though the date is 10-31-2013...I don't graduate until May 2013, and I won't have much free time after graduation because I will be studying for my state & national exams to become licensed. Thankfully I have been finding some AWESOME deals for the wedding ($500 off the venue, 50% off a photo booth, my dress was under $250) and since our date falls on a Thursday, most vendors significantly discount rates already!

I guess I should start being somewhat productive  now...I spent yesterday morning from 8 - 11:30 curled up on the couch with my laptop, and I somewhat half-ass "promised" that I would run to petsmart for dog food...that way I don't have to keep feeding Abby canned cat food. That's right, I am feeding my dog canned cat food...just for 3 meals...Todd was shocked too! It's amazing what pure exhaustion and laziness can make you do ;)

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