My philosphy

My philosphy

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mouring Missed Chances

I need a moment up on the proverbial soapbox. Dog are like children, raise them right and they will be respectful, functioning members of society. Treat them like crap, deny them basic rights, and force them to do things that they wouldn’t normally do, and you get what you have sown. EVERY dog that is bred, trained and rewarded for dog fighting, loses such amazing potential to be a part of a loving family. They lose the chance of knowing companionship with another dog. They lose the chance of being a child’s truest and best friend. They lose so much from life.

 I am beyond furious right now with whatever horrible person set this dog up for failure. This poor shelter dog, which is beyond emaciated, heartworm positive, hookworms, fleas, skin infection, fighting cropped ears, dental disease, broken teeth, oral infection, vaginitis, facial scars, scars down her body, stretched out mammary glands from nursing too many litters, and eyes full of love for me, lost her chance at life a long time ago. She attacked another dog today. Without warning, with no change in body posture, nothing indicating what was to happen next, she struck. No physical damage was done to the other dog, and he left three puncture wounds on her face. However, the emotional damage was done to me. I have grown attached. I love this poor lost soul of a dog. Her sweet manner, her beautiful eyes, her smelly kisses. I like the train wreck, so ugly only a mother could love, “flawed” animals the best. At the end of it all, they are so deserving and appreciative of the love, affection and care they received. I hate that this happened. I hate that she has lost her chance to love a child, a dog, a family. I hate that a HUMAN BEING did this, made her this way. I believe all people, dogs, cats, etc are inherently good. Our experiences in life shape our responses and perceptions, and whatever happened to this poor dog was so horrible, I don’t think I ever want to know any details.

So for now, I will snuggle my furry family (Todd included!) a little longer today, cry a little harder, and know that each experience in life teaches a lesson. At least I could show this dog some love.


  1. There was a discussion I once heard that has helped, in the smallest way possible, me to accept the insanity in this world:
    All things work together for Good."
    How on Earth could this help you?
    When the bad appears in front of food people they educate others, help us become aware and this dog ends up being an Angel to teach you, us and the world to stand up and help-and defend these puppies. All rescues teach and uplift because of the hell they got rough-they get our awareness and compassion flowing.
    You can handle this mission, this cry of the pup's Soul that inspires you to tell us & to stand up for this dog---and the next.
    Take it to the next level if you want-post photos or whatever your heart pulls in goodness and
    Love to do-post it on Twitter, The Huffingron Post - tell my friend Becky Blanton on Facebook who knows lots of people in media-spread your truth and it can help.
    We are all saddened, then we stand up-like for Willow & my friendly cat Jackson the one eyed cat.
    How do all things work for good? They transform
    Us and we transform the world-
    We love you, Kate-keep trusting your path-your destiny.

  2. Kate.. nudge, nudge... listen to Christina! I like her. And Christina, I love these words of yours in particular, "How do all things work for good? They transform us and we transform the world." Thank you!

  3. You are one special person with a heart-of-gold