My philosphy

My philosphy

Monday, July 30, 2012

Stay tuned...

I haven't been posting, because school is keeping me super busy. Imagine that. For the Summer semester, I am taking 5, yes FIVE classes. One was a "fast-forward" class, meaning it is what would normally be material covered in 14 weeks, condensed down to 4! Another class is online, which leaves 3 classes on campus. This Summer I have/am taking, Interpersonal Communication, Abnormal Psychology, Radiology/Parasitology (that was one class), Lab Animal Science and Office Management & Client Education. WOW. It's a lot.

Finals start next Tuesday, and for my Office Management class we have to make 3 client education brochures, our choice of topics. I of course chose cat related topics, and adapted my declaw post into the 1st one. I am also doing one on Feline Herpes Virus (aka Feline Viral Rhinotracheaitis) and Feline Leukemia Virus. My plan is to change the format from a brochure to a hand out to use at work, and to post here. Being the super huge nerd that I am, I enjoyed spending my afternoon curled up in bed with coffee, researching Feline Herpes Virus. And yes, I procrastinated. I also have to research and form my client education skit on Canine Pyometra (infected uterus) for next Monday.

I feel like I would procrastinate less, if I wasn't so darn good at it. I have always managed to pump out good material last minute with school projects. It also helps that I know the material, and know how to talk efficiently to clients, so I am not stressed/worried.

I have been so very exhausted lately, between school, work and life in general. I didn't go to class this afternoon because I felt so sick. Instead I went home and slept for 4 hours! It was great. Between that and coffee though, I will probably be up late.

Anyways. I need to focus on finishing this brochure, and getting sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day, as always. I eventually hope that my life calms down enough so I can give this blog the attention and care it deserves. I really want to help it grow, so I can help educate others about my feline friends, and reach out to those in need of help.

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