My philosphy

My philosphy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another school hiccup

At the end of Spring Semester, I spent an entire morning looking at just about *EVERY* Vet School requirements in the US, and comparing it to what classes I can take at the local community college to satisfy both my Associate in Applied Science & Associate in Applied Science Veterinary Technology. That was a long morning. I later made a time frame of when I could take what classes (the Vet Tech program has specific classes each semester, so I had to add extras in) and when I would be done. Then I would have to take Biochemistry and Genetics at a 4-year college, and take my GRE at some point, *then* apply to Vet School.

That's a lot of work...and I would be done at the local community college Fall 2014. If I hadn't have overlooked something. Since pretty much all I have left is math & science courses, I thought it would be easy. However, to get into Chemistry I need to take pre-cal, to get into pre-cal I need to take intermediate algebra...and I forgot about that when setting up my time frame! There are *NO* available intermediate algebra classes this Fall. So then I thought, I'll just take Prob & Stats this Fall instead of Spring, and take algebra next semester. Nope. No Prob & Stats classes available either. Crap.

Now the plan is, hope that someone drops out of either of those classes with in the next week, add it in, and not stress. HA! Me, not stress. I really would rather not add any extra classes in this semester. I am taking Surgical Nursing, Clinical Pathology, Disease & Zoonosis, and Large Animal Clinical Practice. However, if I cannot get one of those math classes in this Fall, I would either take *both* at the same time next Spring (ouch) or, take algebra in the Summer, and push back everything else by one semester.

I am trying not to stress too much. I like having plans. I like knowing what I need to do, when I need to do it, where I need to go, etc. I guess pushing back a semester won't be too bad. It would give me wiggle room in case I have problems with any of the 4 chemistry classes or 2 physics classes I have to take! Plus I would have more time for my GRE on top of everything else.

I know I am on the right track for my future. After years of flip flopping between Vet vs Tech, I am content in my decision to further my education and challenge myself. I already feel stagnant in school, and find myself craving more knowledge. My biggest push to make this decision was from one of the vets I work with. I have been told by several vets that I should skip tech school and pursue vet school, but there was something about how *she* told me. We live parallel lives, and are often convinced we are related. Knowing you are good at something, and would make an excellent vet is one thing, but being told by someone in the field that you look up to, trust, and sincerely enjoy. That is a big deal.

Here is how I see it. The time is going to pass anyways, in 10 years, would I rather:
  • Become an LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician)
  • Pursue a B.S in Veterinary Technology
  • Become a LVT VTS (Veterinary Technician Specalist)
and spend the same amount of time, energy and money as Vet School, but not be able to
  • Diagnose
  • Prognose
  • Perform surgery
  • Prescribe
I want to be the Veterinarian!

Thankfully my fiance understands this passion, and encourages it. He has no problem moving where ever we need to, while I bring us further into debt with my student loans (I also have some great scholarships and grant money) and sacrifice my precious free time & sanity!

So here's hoping it all works out.